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One situation comedy that I have enjoyed very much that took place in the eighties that I still watch is Kate & Allie. Its about two divorced mothers who share an apartment together. Its sort of similar to the second sitcom the Lucille Ball did called the Lucy Show, about Lucy & Viv from Danfield CT one a widow & one a divorced mother living with Lucy's teenage daughter Chris & her son Jerry & Viv's son Sherman. Only the difference is with Kate & Allie its two teenage daughters & one young son. Kate McArdle is divorced from Max who lives in California. Kate works at a travel agency as a travel agent for Sloans Travel Agency & has a teenage daughter named Emma. Allie Lowell is divorced from Charles who has a teenage daughter named Jenny & a son named Chip. Charles has a new girlfriend named Claire & they both get weekend visits from Jenny & Chip. Sometimes Chip does things to annoy Jenny & Emma but lots of times things go well with the five of them living there. Allie mostly does the cooking at home but she went to college studied very hard then got her degree, then looked for a job & got one at a movie theater. Later on when the movie theater that Allie worked at caught on fire Allie couldn't find another job, so they both quit their jobs & started running a catering service. Also Kate had a boyfriend named Ted a plumber that she met when he came to fix something in the apartment that was needed to be fixed. They got engaged but broke up because Ted wanted too many kids too soon. Later on two guys named Dennis & Peter got interested in dating Kate but Kate didn't love either one of them but started over again with a new relationship with Ted later on. Allie wasn't much on boys but she dated a guy named Malcolm then she met Robert Barskey in a supermarket & fell in love with him & married him. Also when it was college time for both Jenny & Emma, Emma moved into the dorm at the college that she & Jenny went to & Jenny had the room to herself. After Allie married Bob, Ted without any notice left New York City & Kate once again didn't have a boyfriend. Later on however just after Allie & Bob got married Emma transferred to UCLA in California & lived in a college dorm there near her father Max. After Allie & Bob got married, she moved into a condo with him & Bobs job was traveling back & forth to Washington D. C. newscasting. Kates new roommates Blair & Haven were driving her crazy so she decided to move into the condo with Allie Bob & Chip & they had better surroundings for their catering service. Jenny moved to the dorm at the same time but she visited Chip & her Mom & Kate a lot. During Jennys visits to the condo where Allie,Chip, Bob & Kate lives her relationship with Chip has changed a lot. She no longer considers Chip a pest & she is happy to see him every visit.

Kate & Allie Prologues


At the beginning of every Kate & Allie episode is an outdoor prologue that takes place somewhere in New York City. Most of the prologues usually have Kate & Allie talking about general things that take place in New York City. There was an episode where they talked about Donald Trump & the Park Avenue wealthy people. There was one episode talking about the Brooklyn Bridge & the George Washington Bridge. There were episodes where they spoke about pushcarts going through Central Park as well as purchases of hotdogs on a pushcart. In the prologue even though there are others in the New York City scenery background, none of them are heard speaking. Most of the prologue have just Kate & Allie, however just like on the show, Max & Charles are mentioned, but so are Jenny Chip & Emma in some ways. One prologue at the famous Rockefeller Center skating rink had Allie yelling to Jenny & Emma please make sure Chip doesn't wander off or fall down. In later episodes Kate & Allie aren't the only ones in prologues. Some prologues have Jenny & Emma talking about things in the New York City scenery to each other. One prologue where Jenny & Emma were doing a horse ride with Chip for his birthday has sarcastic remarks from Jenny to Chip just like at the apartment. It was where Jenny said sarcastically, enjoy this ride it may be your last. There are other combinations of people in prologues like just Jenny & Chip or Jenny & Kate or Jenny & Allie or Kate & Chip or Allie & Chip. The differences of prologues & the show is the prologue mostly cover facts & information in the cities & the main areas of the show is, what happens in home life both dramatic & with comedy.


Chip the Only Male Living with Kate & Allie


Chip which is a short nickname for Charles Lowell Junior is the only young boy or male person that lives with Kate, Allie, Jenny & Emma. Mostly Chip is a short form for the name Richard like on my Three Sons but this Chip is short for Charles Jr. Lots of times Chip gets left out of things being the only male member living in the apartment. At one point all of Chips friends at school called him a sissy living with no other males in the household. Even though Chips living standards were with 4 different females, he was gonna show them he had a father named Charles, Charles couldn't make it on account of a commitment with Claire. Chip asked Allie if he could live with his father & Claire & even though his father was a doctor, Charles or Claire wouldn't be home most of the time to take care of Chip. Allie & Kate did solve the problem with Chips peers once by having an indoor living room cookout with Chips friends. The one that fights with Chip the most is Jenny. Sometimes Emma assists Jenny in something against Chip. Chip does still have a father named Charles that comes by on some weeknights to take him & Jenny out to dinner & on some weekends to bring him & Jenny to his home in Connecticut. Allie & Charles did divorce each other but Charles did not stop being a father to Chip. Because Charles doesn't live with Chip anymore, one time he got Chip an expensive computer of his own for a birthday present. When his mother got him the dog Tristan, the barking was annoying everybody & Allie asked Charles to let Tristain stay on the farm in Connecticut where Chip can visit him anytime. Even though after the divorce, that Charles & Allie had, Charles new girlfriend then wife Claire, whom Allie hates, enjoys seeing Chip on the visits that his father sponsors. On one episode when Kate & Allie were spring cleaning, because none of Chips friends were around, Allie asked him to play with Jenny & Emma. They both told him to get lost & Chip cried wolf in 3 ways. First he lied on the table pretending he got stabbed then, he put 3 dangerous chemicals in the toilet, then when he thought he saw a murder from his bedroom window, Allie didn't believe him. Allie then at that time asked Jenny & Emma to spend time with Chip offering to pay them to do it. When Chip went over to investigate the murder it was no murder but a magician next door. Chip did later on find his own friend known as a homeless learning disabled man named Louis. Kate & Allie did find a sheltered home for him. Chip also had other friends he sees alot that lived a few apartments away from him like Eddie, Jamie & many others. One time however, a girl named Amy moved to the apartment upstairs where their neighbor Roger & his wife Evelyn used to live. Chip met her in is backyard while doing a buriel for a dead pet & made a date with her. He thought dinner & play was the appropriate date like his sister Jenny & her boyfriend Jason were doing at that time was the kind of date Amy wanted but Chip didn't have enough money for it. However when she said that just a hamburger or pizza & movie were enough for a first date she understood. Later on most of their other dates were renting videos to see at Amys apartment upstairs. Plus after Emma moved to the dorm just after Allie met Bob Barsky then Chip & Jenny got along better. Also in the new condo Chip was then living with his Mom, Kate & second father Bob. Jenny when visiting after living in the college dorm offered to do Chips laundry. Kate always loved Chip & had a great relationship with him as a friendly second mother. She helped him out when he was troubled when a cat died plus one time while she was in traction from an accident falling down basement stairs, she helped him out with bully trouble he had. Sometimes Jenny, or Emma don't mean the things they say to Chip like the sarcastic criticism of things like "I wish you were shipped away" or "You come from outer space" There were times when they were very caring when he was super upset. When they thought he was gonna be really killed by the murderers they saw in an open window from his room, they paniced in a caring way. Lots of TV older brothers & sisters are that way in a sometimes hate toward their younger siblings, like Betty & Bud Anderson on Father Knows Best, Mary & Jeff Stone on the Donna Reed Show & Jaime & Sarah Powell with their brother Adam on Charles in Charge. The worst brother sister sibling relationship is with Clarissa & Fergeson Darling on Clarissa Explains It All. Chip Lowell does have a lucky life in general of his living conditions even with two fathers later on.


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