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Lost in Space is a sitcom science fiction family about Americas First Family in Space Called the Robinson Family on a mission to find more living areas on a planet near Alpha Centauri. Its about a family named the Robinson Family. The characters are Professor John Robinson, his wife Maureen Robinson, their oldest daughter Judy, their next daughter Penny & their youngest Will Robinson. Then there is the pilot Major Don West & the troublesome stowaway Dr. Zachary Smith. Here is a brief description of the Lost in Space TV Show. Dr. Smith didn't exactly stowaway on purpose. What happened was a foreign agency known as Aola 14 Umbra was paying Dr. Smith to sabotage the mission. What he was doing was programming the Robot to destroy everybody after eight hours of liftoff. While he was in the middle of programming a Sergeant Walked in & was about to arrest him, then Dr. Smith gave him a Karate Chop on the back of his neck & placed him in the waste disposal. Then one hour later during take off, Dr. Smith was making sure that the robot was in functional order & the Robinsons were entering the freezing tubes in suspended animation & Dr. Smith was running to the door the hatch closed & he got trapped in the spaceship. While the Robinsons were in the freezing tubes, & the automatic navigator was on its way to Alpha Centauri, Dr. Smith's added weight caused the Jupiter 2 to shift off course into a meteor storm. Then Dr. Smith knocked on Dons tube to get him to pilot the ship back to earth but Don disagreed & decided he would wake up the Robinsons. Dr. Smith wanted to return to earth but Don & the Robinsons disagreed & decided that they would try to onto Alpha Centauri. When 8 hours came by the robot went berserk & almost destroyed everybody, then John wanted to spacewalk to fix the scanner & the line broke & Maureen had to go out to throw John a line & then just after the line was thrown to John & they were about to get into the ship, a big comet came approaching it, however Don got them back in time. After that Dr. Smith wanted revenge on the Robinsons so he got the robot only to obey him. No one else could control the robot but Dr. Smith, however Will with a certain way of his voice was able to tell the robot "Two steps forward my mechanical friend". Later on when they approached a first planet they were gonna land on to make ship repairs John wanted to use the parajets to go to the planet to see if it was suitable for landing but the parajets went out of control & John made his own crash landing on it. Dr. Smith tampered with them. Dr. Smith also tampered with the Jupiter 2's control system too. He tried to get Don & Maureen to vote to go back to earth but Don & Maureen wanted to land on the planet to find John. When Dr. Smith got the robot to attack them then Don fixed the ship so Dr. Smith would fall down then he put Dr. Smith in a hammerlock so that he would tell Dr. Smith you are not gonna tell the robot any other orders except one, & that is "Robot go back to your Compartment". Then he put Dr. Smith in a freezing tube. After that because of Dr. Smith tampering with the ships controls, Maureen went below to strap in with Judy, Penny, & Will then Don rode down himself in a freezing tube. The Jupiter 2 crashed landed on the first planet. Judy set Don free from the freezing tube. Don needed the robot & only Dr. Smith could make him obey but he was not ready to unfreeze him yet. However because of a sound in Wills voice will was able to get the robot to obey him. Then after John was rescued, they made that planet their temporary home. After that many times Dr. Smith did a lot to annoy the others. He didn't care about anyone elses survival or needs except his own. He always wanted to shirk his work responsibilites. He did have a special friendship with Will most of the time. The one that yelled at Dr. Smith the most was Major Don West. Don & Dr. Smith always had alot of things to battle about. Sometimes both John & Don would yell at Dr. Smith. Other than that the Robinsons had good family relationships with each other. Judy, Penny, & Will got along so well with each other during survivals on alien & hostile planets. Dr. Smith more than ever always wanted to get back to his home planet Earth. Lots of times he would make deals with aliens he met on planets for a trip back to the planet earth. Speaking of aliens sometimes the Robinsons were friendly with aliens & sometimes they weren't . Lots of times their robot would warn them if the alien was dangerous when he shouted Danger Danger Danger. Dr. Smiths relationship with the robot was on & off a lot where Dr. Smith always called him a ninny. Will however had a very special friendship with the robot. The robot cared about him so much that he would warn him Danger Will Robinson. That TV show was one of my favorite sitcoms. Just in the nineties decade lots of old sitcoms from the fifties sixties & seventies were made into updated movies. That included a Lost in Space Movie which came to theaters as a big hit that it had to be in two or three theaters at showcase or multi theater complex buildings . Its has different actors & actresses playing the same characters however some of the originals still around today had different roles.

The Lost In Space 1998 Movie

The Lost In Space Movie made from New Line Cinema in 1998 is about the Robinson family from the year 2050. They have to take a ten year journey in freezing tubes aboard the Jupiter 2 in suspended animation to a planet named Alpha Prime. Earth is dying of too many people & may end life unless a Hypergate is built both on earth & Alpha Prime to make travelers be able to travel with hyperdrive from both Earth & Alpha Prime in seconds. An enemy group know as the Global Sedition wanted to get to Alpha Prime first & since John Robinson found out about it early, he had to update the launch date 3 months ahead to prevent the Global Sedition from getting to Alpha Prime ahead of them. That's when they got Dr. Smith the Base Doctor to sabotage the ship by programming the robot to destroy everybody in 16 hours. Before the Space Journey Will was upset about his father missing his science fair at school when he won first prize. Will caused such a disruption at school that Maureen got a call from the school principal. Also Penny didn't want to go at all but had no choice. Instead of being a the final family dinner on earth she wanted one last evening with her earth friends. Plus before the General at the base introduced John to Major Don West, reporters were asking John about how the hypergate would be built after they reached Alpha Prime. After they got on board the Jupiter 2 Dr. Smith got a radio phone call on is hacker about if he programmed the robot from another Sedition member & he got zapped by him cause that other Sedition Member was trying to kill Dr. Smith because he knew too much. Dr. Smith didn't get killed but got knocked out cold. Just after the Jupiter 2 took off, Dr. Smith regained consciousness & the robot ran on a rampage. Then the smoke from the robot woke everyone up except Judy. Don saw Dr. Smiths fingers & found out he was a spy but he spared his life because he was the only one that could save Judy. Plus Will with his first prize from the science fair used his hacker deck & was able to control the robot & stop him from attacking. After that they were in the gravitational pull of the Earths sun & the only choice hypergate or no hyper gate was to use the hyperdrive. Even though they were safe from the melting of the sun, they were Lost In Space & didn't know where they were. So they continued on to find a way to get to Alpha Prime even with the villianous stowaway Dr. Smith on board. They always had problems coming up.

Comparisons Between The Original Classic Lost In Space TV Show & The Lost In Space Movie

The Lost In Space Movie had very different actors & actresses from the TV show. In the TV show Guy Williams was John, June Lockhart was Maureen, Mark Goddard was Don, Marta Kristen was Judy, Angela Cartwright was Penny , Bill Mumy was Will & Jonathan Harris was Dr. Smith. In the new movie, William Hurt was John, Mimi Rogers was Maureen, Matt LeBlanc was Don, Heather Angel was Judy, Lacey Chabert was Penny, Jack Johnson was Will, & Gary Oldman was Dr. Smith. Four of the originals were in the movie with different roles. The original Maureen was Wills school principal when she called Maureen to complain about Wills disruption at school. The original Judy & Penny were newspaper reporters at the base questioning John about the Hypergates being built on Alpha Prime. The original Don was General Hess at the base introducing the new Don to John. Even though both the TV show & movie were science fiction, the TV show was in a sitcom type situation with dramatic things between everybody & the movie was a Jurassic Type Fast Paced Adventure with many special effects. All the Robinsons, Don Dr. Smith & the robot all acted different in the movie. In the TV series there was a hate relationship with a lot of comedy on the fights & arguements both Don & Dr. Smith had with the ways Don criticized Dr. Smith. Plus there was alot of comedy in both Don & John yelling at Dr. Smith. There was comedy in the way Dr. Smith had a half hate relationship calling the robot a ninny. Plus in the TV series there was a special friendship between Dr. Smith & Will. There was also a special friendship between Will & the Robot. In the movie in a different way the robot still said the famous Danger Will Robinson. Plus in the TV show & not in the movie John & Don worked together a lot talked with each other about things let bad aliens have it & even both yelled at Dr. Smith or threatened Dr. Smith if he deserved it. In the movie Don & John got into a different kind of argument & Maureen had to break it up. Plus in the TV series they were all settled in cabins they made a life on Priplanus their first planet they were disabled on & Maureen Judy & Penny did meals together both from the Jupiter 2 galley & the hypdroponic garden. Plus in the TV series there were some aliens they were friendly with like Dr. Marvello from the Space Circus, Mr. Myko & sometimes Mr. Zumdish & many other aliens they met on Priplanus & their second planet & other planets. In the movie the only aliens that were around were deadly spiders. Plus on the TV series they used ordinary laser guns. In the movie they used deadly special effect machine guns. Even though I enjoyed the movie, I still like the Original Classic TV series. I have the whole collection from Columbia House.

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