Mr. Largo & Empires that get Built

From the movie Little Big Foot there is a logging executive businessman named Stuart Largo. His business is chopping trees & cutting wood & selling them to lumber companies & paper companies. Mr. Largo happens to own a logging company. Even though he spent 2 million on 20,000 acres of forest land near the city of fictional town Cedar Lake Oregon, when his men chop those trees & put them on the trucks & chop the wood, the lumber companies pay them in the 50 grand range for each load & so does the paper companies. As long as the kids going to school need paper or even at colleges or business offices then the paper companies can afford to pay Mr. Largo's logging company. During Back to School season when lots of school supplies are sold Mr. Largo gets checks of hundreds of thousands of dollars from many paper companies. Also lots of different types of businesses that have personal computers or xerox machines buy paper. An office superstore sells paper to people with computer printers lots of times. Staples & many other stores like it sell to many customers & when those stores or copy places buy lots of paper then Mr. Largo makes lots more money & profit on his logging business. Lumber companies get the money to pay Mr. Largo from real estate companies that build houses & new business offices. Of course Mr. Largo also had to spend alot on company trucks with the name Largo on it & equipment he uses but he gets the money as he sells the trees that get chopped to paper & lumber companies. He will never run out of trees on the 20,000 acres that he bought & invested in. Some people build a resort for tourists on it but, others have new trees planted after 10 acres get chopped. So in 6 to 8 years timing Mr. Largos men he hired will chop down new trees that get planted after the original ones are gone.

At one point in time 2 young men in their early twenties tell Mr. MacKensie , Mr. Largos executive assistant that both of them & Mr. Turnbolt think that its against the law to chop down any trees that are Federally protected like Giant Redwoods or Small Redwoods. Also sometimes they say they don't like the overtime work they get. But their opinions are different when they get their paycheck & deposit their money in their bank account. One time Mr. Largo drove his truck over to meet with all his tree chopping employees. He said to them you have done such a super excellent job. To show my appreciation, I am giving you on top of your large salaries, a thousand dollar bonus to each & every one of you. That made the men very happy. To have an extra thousand or grand handed to them. That encouraged them for the next 3 months to chop twice as hard & work twice as fast for extra thousand dollar bonuses. As long as Mr. Largo gets hundreds & thousands of dollars from lumber & paper companies, he can be a great boss to work for handing out large salaries with lots of time & a half overtime & thousand dollar bonuses. He probably gives them ten grand for a Xmas Bonus like what Clark Griswald thought his was in the movie National Lampoon Xmas Vacation. Now if I was one of those men getting a thousand dollar bonus I would go Yahoo, I can buy things I want take expensive cruise during vacations & travel many times a year. Thatís why I loved what Mr. Largo did as a businessman.

Sometimes trees get chopped for a different reason other than just selling them to lumber & paper companies. Where I lived as a child was in Tappan NY a suburb near the New Jersey border. Behind our house was a large swamp known as Hansons Pond. It had alot of woods there. One time I dreamt that there was a road we were riding on behind our house & of course with a tunnel under the Palisades Parkway. While me & my family were living there when I was a kid in the sixties that swamp was always there, however 15 years after we moved in the early eighties they tore that whole swamp down. It was not the same reason that Mr. Largo did to make money from lumber & paper companies but to build a new housing development for new people from New York City & other places to buy houses. The swamp was owned by the Rockland County or Orangetown government located in Tappan NY. Before the realtors did hire a logging & construction company with steam shovels & bulldozers, they had to get permits from the local government. There were several roads there now & there are lots of houses there that many people bought. The ones that bought that land were the real estate developers that sold those new houses to new tenants now living in them. I do miss that swamp alot but alot of people do have new homes. Most of those houses do have families that live there now.

Places also get torn down for other reasons like building Empires. From the movie Herbie Rides Again, Alonzo Hawk invested many millions to buy land in San Francisco California. He paid the present tenants more than enough money to move out of those places so he could have them blasted & torn down to build his Hawk Office Buildings or Hawk Plaza Empires to make many millions profit. Once the office buildings of Hawk Plaza were built then many companies would pay Mr. Hawks corporations thousands or billions of dollars to rent those office spaces. Even the local San Francisco Government & The State of California or the Federal United States Government would rent spaces on Mr. Hawks property. There was a small glitch that prevented him from starting the building of the new Hawk Plaza Offices. An old lady living in a firehouse would not move from it. She said that firehouse which Mr. Hawk referred to as a firetrap was still on part of the land that Mr. Hawk had plans for in building his Plaza. He offered her double of her original price tax free & she refused. Her family values meant more to her than any greedy money that Mr. Hawk offered. Mr. Hawk would only spend millions to make double or triple in profit millions. Of course in Waterbury they chose to build a new mall which is the longest mall in New England called the Brass Mill Center. Its called the Brass Mill Center cause its named after Waterbury Connecticut's nickname Brass City. What they tore down wasn't any buildings that were presently occupied like Mr. Hawk did in San Francisco, but those buildings were already out of business by a whole decade. What there was on that property 5 miles long were buildings that went out of business many years ago so the construction builders went to the State of Connecticut to get permission to do it with the City of Waterbury backing them up. The purpose of that mall was to put Waterbury on the map. When out of town tourists come to Connecticut & buy a lot at the longest mall in New England then Waterbury would have money to rebuild many areas of their city. Foxwoods Casino & the Mohegan Sun Casino got built by Indians on Indian Land in Connecticut to attract millions of visitors to Connecticut every month or week. That would get the state of Connecticut rolling in the same regard as Las Vegas, Reno, & Atlantic City New Jersey are doing. After all lots of vacationers like to use slot machines play blackjack & gamble many ways at casinos. That mall is doing it for the State of Connecticut & the City of Waterbury. So even though hundreds of millions was spent & invested, profits get made when customers all of the Eastern United States & visiting from the Western United States buy alot of things there.

Thatís my site on Mr. Largo & Empires being built. If you have any comments please Email me.

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