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About Soupy Sales


When I read an article in the TV Guide issue of 4th Week of July 1998 I was shocked at what famous comedienne Soupy Sales did. Soupy Sales before he did his show was a local funny Radio Disc Jockey in Cincinnati Ohio where he got his first local TV show which was a partially dancing Teenage Show called Soupys Soda Shop. It was a soda shop that was opened to the public & many teens, preteens & after teens would come there for cokes or rootbeers or even fifties style chocolate or vanilla malts or ice cream soda plus Soupy had soda drinking & ice cream eating contests & even had dance contests there. It was an open first come first serve TV show that was done at an ice cream parlor in Cincinnati. Then he worked at nightclub & day shows doing pie in face shows where he got the pie in his face most of the time & he would tell jokes of his own invention. His Pie in the Face routines were so famous that kids & even adults loved him so much for it. A producer liked him so much that he sat in the audience at one of his nightclubs & visited him at one of the radio stations where he was a guest DJ that he offered him a contract with a big advance to do a show of his own in LA. The producer got tons of letters from millions of Soupy Sales fans, mostly kids who listened to him on different radio stations. He was a hopping DJ same as Wolfman Jack. After that he had a show in LA on ABC Network TV known as The Soupy Sales Show from 1960 to 1964. That show was one of the top rated shows that he got tons of fan mail & had tons of fan clubs & many fans mostly children & even some adults. The contract in LA with ABC expired summer of 1964 so Soupy moved to New York City & did it on a local non network TV station called WNEW Channel 5 from 1964 to 1965.



What Soupy Told The Kids to Do



On New Years Day of 1965, Soupy Sales told the kids, Its New Years Day now kids, & I know your parents are super fast asleep, so tiptoe quietly to your parents bedroom go into your Daddys wallet or your Mommys purse & pull out the currency or money with the photo of Abraham Lincoln or 5 of the ones with the picture of George Washington & mail it to me at this Channel Five Address in New York City. He also said whoever does it , I promise a postcard from my trip to Puerto Rico. When I first read that article in TV Guide that day I was shocked at what Soupy Sales did. After all I recorded tons of Whats My Line episodes that Soupy was on with Arlene Francis, & Meredith MacRae, & even Anita Gillette. Soupy just didn't like having to work on New Years Day so he just made an honest mistake putting that adlib in at the end of the show. Soupy was not fired at all nor did the show get cancelled at all in any kind of way for that adlib that kindof came up. The Producers at WNEW TV were kind of shocked plus some parents that have watched the show with their kids were a little shocked too and some might have phoned channel 5 or WNEW TV to complain about that kind of joking, but all they did was just suspend him for two weeks but on other episodes of The Soupy Sales Show  that he did he gave kids good advice like eating right and brushing your teeth after each meal, especially after eating sweets which included those Soupy Sales Treats he sponsored. Lots of rumors had it where Soupy has received 80 grand in money from what he said in regard to asking the kids to steal from their parents but when envelopes from many kids who wrote to Soupy Sales came to the channel 5 Office of WNEW in New York City in regard to what those rumors said, 90 percent of the envelopes contained 5 dollar play money and monopoly money and very little real currency arrived in the mail in some envelopes so no harm came to it. What Soupy Sales has done to the real money that has come in was probably donated it to different childrens charitys including orphans that needed money. He probably thanked the few children that did send him in real money. Plus lots of kids that heard Soupy on that adlib knew he was only joking.  Soupy always had ways of joking around in strange ways he even did that when announcing the next panelist on Whats My Line. He did tons of all types of jokes in playing Whats my Line and on many other episodes of his show and he still had tons of fan clubs including one that he had to blindfold for a surprise guest on Whats My Line.  In more to what I saw in TV Guide is a page called Little Green Pieces of Paper that tells something else about the Five Dollar Adlib Thing That Soupy Sales did on New Years Day of 1965.



What the Kids did after Listening to Soupys Adlib


When the kids heard Soupy make that announcement they knew he was only joking about it because lots of kids have common sense to know that going into your fathers wallet and mothers purse without their say so is wrong in doing so and its called stealing. Plus many kids get told by their parents or others to respect theirs and other peoples property. Plus lots of kids who live on their allowances or other money that their parents give them when they need it or other gift money from relatives know the values of a dollar or five dollars and back in 1965 Five Bucks was alot of money for both kids and their hard working parents or guardian adults. Plus when you send cash or currency in the mail of One or Five or Ten Bucks its very risky. So what the kids decided to do in regard to Soupys joke was this. Some of them went to Novelty Stores and bought play money or some of them had play money and what they did was send him a 5 dollar of play money or Monopoly Money or any board game money to Soupy at that address. Some of them however did send him some real money but it was their own money or money they asked their parents for not taken from them & after all those kids didn't want to have the Soupy Sales Show or Television priviledges taken away nor did they want to lose their allowances or have their allowances revoked. Besides if many kids did take the risk and steal the money many parents would have sued WNEW TV channel 5. If he did get 80 grand even though a rumor said that, it was in play money and monopoly money.  If Soupy wanted to he could  had announced & said please ask your parents for a five dollar donation for a good cause or a charity like Dudley Moore says at movies theaters for the Jimmy Fund of Be Generous that would have been understood. However all that happened was a two week suspension and the kids were happier two weeks later to see one of their favorite comediannes again and then later on they loved seeing him on Whats My Line.




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