Travis Cole Real Estate Swindler From Movie Dirty Work


Jugheads Overview on Dirty Work

The Movie Dirty Work is about two guys named Mitch Weaver & Sam McKenna who don't take nonsense, crap or bullying from anybody & they open a business to work for others who wish to get even or do something. When Mitch was a little kid a school bully who bullies people into taking other peoples milk money demanded that Mitch hands him his milk money & when he told the bully I can't do that, the bully then lifted him up & threw him in the school dumpster. Mitch with his friend Sams help got hold of Sams fathers gun & hid it in the milk money bullies desk & squealed to the teacher & principal on him & got him sent to a juvenile correctional center reform school. Also when other bar bullies beat them both up & later when they were having a wild party they rented police uniforms made a phone call pretending to be a former fraternity brother to them & told them that there were fake cops playing a prank on them. Then they call the real cops to complain about the noise in the neighborhood & when they show up the beat up the real cops thinking they are fake cops then Mitch & Sam join in & help beat up the fraternity guys that bullied them in the bar. Also at a movie theater this theres this nasty manager named Hamilton who always likes to criticize & insult all new employees. When Mitch & Sam tried getting jobs at the movie theater that Hamilton manages they wouldn't take that crap from him so they decided to do revenge on him like embarrass him in front of the men above him like the theater inspector & its staff. When Hamilton was bringing the popcorn & refreshments to those men everybody in the theater ran out in one direction, knocked him down then when the inspector faced him he told him "Hamilton you are finished in managing the theater business". The rest of the colleague at the theater was so pleased with the revenge that they were able to collect over 500 bucks that day. That's when they decided to go into the Revenge for Hire business & make money doing revenge for other people. That included a Real Estate Man who was a Swindler named Travis Cole.

About Travis Cole


Travis Cole is a Real Estate Developer that is not always honest most of the time. He buys & ruins good property at low prices which includes peoples low income homes & some not so good or homes about to be renovated, that he purposely vandalises or has others vandalise so someone else gets the blame then sells them at a double or triple profit for his own crooked financial gain. What happened was Travis Cole wanted to tear down an innocent ladys home & others on the block so he could build a parking lot for an opera house on a land that he says he already owns. He tells the city that the money goes to poor & homeless people who live in missions & special types of shelters & to help low income people too. But the truth is that he doesn't care about the city or any community. He just wants the money for his financial gain to build big businesses that make more money than low income housing places. He doesn't wish the city or any communites to know that. Because Mitch Weaver & Sam McKenna from Dirty Work stopped the men with bulldosers that Travis Cole hired to knock down thatladys house,he was very upset about it, so he tricks them into thinkings he's gonna pay them 50 grand to knock down a building about to be renovated. He asks them to vandalize an apartment building of low income housing just to evict them. He tells them there is criminal element & other types of crimes & he has them vandalizing that apartment building to make it look worse than any slum or ghetto. Also when they are about to collect from Travis Cole he tells them "I don't own that building". The truth was it was for low income people and the grandmother of a girl named Kathy that Mitch was working on in getting for a girlfriend. Travis Cole wanted them to do the vandalizeing and if cops came around they would get the blame instead of him. Luckily Mitch had his pocket tape recorder on. So they decide to do revenge on Travis Cole the Real Estate Swindler. At the opera where he said he was raising money to benefit the homeless, Mitch turns the tape recorder on first so that only Travis hears the recording on him not owning that building, he's so scared that he writes the check up to Mitch for the 50 grand & gives the ownership of that building back to the real owner to get it refixed. Next Mitch turned on the tape recorder to the whole opera house so that the public he was impressing & the reporters know how he tricked two innocent people into vandalising a building. When the public heard that Travis Cole finally got arrested. After that Mitch & Sam were heros & the apartment building got fixed up. Besides Travis Cole there are a lot of Real Estate home ads that people have to be aware of & that includes vacation cabin ads. Some of them may say great place to live at a super low cost but that really means that many things in the building are broken. It's the same with some house for sale rent or sublet ads. Many people got swindled on low cost rent cabins for summer like broken walls & roofs & broken refrigerator where food never freezes or no air conditioning working & other things including broken locks. So in renting or buying homes or businesses you have to be very careful in the matter.


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