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Jughead Playing His Favorite Video Games at all types of Arcades


During the decade of the Eighties besides pinball at the time when some computers first came out there were Video Game Arcades. The first time I noticed them was at an Ice Cream Parlor close to where I lived plus at candy stores, bowling alleys, supermarkets, hotels, movie theaters, & even in childrens sections of Casinos & many other places. The first time I noticed video games was when I was on my Colorado Trip in 1974 where they had this video tennis machine at the same place with the pinball machines in the pinball arcade. Pinball Arcades are still around but in the early eighties, Pacman, Donkey Kong & many other types of video games were added. Besides watching my favorite TV shows sometimes I would walk from my apartment to either the Ice Cream Parlor near me or the candy store two blocks from me & play those video games. They always cost a Quarter or 25 cents. Many times I would get quarters from my change after I bought something, & some arcades had change machines, but sometimes people who were with people who were very hooked on those games would ask have you got any more quarters. The first time I really saw video games was at Cumberland Farms near an old place I used to work at. During Break Time, I would go there to get candy & soda & I would watch the manager of that place play the game. He & his female assistant manager had fun during it & they both put their names up together. If you have one of the ten high scores you get to put your name up. Besides Pacman which was super popular during most of the Eighties Decade I have played many different types of video games. Below in the next three paragraphs are some of my favorites.


Jughead & Elevator Action



Elevator Action is an Arcade game about a boy that has to go down many stories or floors of an office building to make it to the car & get every secret plan down also. The building the boy is in has about 30 to 40 stories. Its an office building like the Chrysler Building or Empire State Building in New York City. The young boy has to start at the top of the building & like most humans in a real office building wait for an elevator to come. The boy has a lot of men in black hats & dark black sunglasses of enemy spys to watch out for. When they come about the boy either shoots at them or jumps them from behind. That kills the millions of spys in the office building to stop the boy. If any of the spys shoot the boy whether he is on the elevator or not, than the boy has to duck or he gets shot at & loses a life. Another obstacle is the lights in the office building. If you shoot at a ceiling light, all the lights go out in the office building. There is one good advantage to it & that is if a light bulb hits a spy it knocks the spy dead the same way when a boy either shoots or jumps a spy. At the beginning of the game the boy enters the first elevator at the top of the building & stays on the elevator until that elevator is at the end of the line. However if there is a spy on the floor, then the boy has to shoot at the spy with his gun & hit him before he gets shot at. When the elevator reaches a floor at the end of its line, then the boy has to get off at that floor & transfer to another elevator. There is a time that a boy has to get off the elevator even if it still has more floors to go down & that is to go to red doors go inside them & get the secret plans. He has the option to miss getting the secret plans from some of the red doors but if he does, then he has to not make it in the car at the bottom of the building outside. He will be asked to get secret plans from offices that he has missed getting them from. The object is to get to the bottom of the building & get into the car & go onto the next office building & do the same. Like most video games you get points in Elevator Action. You get points for shooting at & killing spys & for each secret plan you get from the red doors. My first time doing it was at a movie theater when some young preteens were playing it & then I learned to do it from them. Lots of them were shouting the same as if they were in a real building of any kind when they were anxious or in a hurry they would yell out get me an elevator. After that I have played it at many arcades including some of them in Las Vegas. I will always remember that video game in a fun traveling elevator way.


Jughead & Paperboy


Paperboy is a video arcade game about a newsboy on a Bicycle who has to delivery a newspaper called The Sun to every house that is lit on the block. There are three choice streets in the suburban area to choose from. They are Easy Street, Middle Road, & Hard Way. I have used Easy Street at times at the arcade & sometimes I liked the better challenge of Middle Road. At the beginning of the block the boy has to check for houses that are lit & only lit. Some of the unlit houses have remarks like Go Away or We Don't Want Any. The boy has a lot of papers already to deliver to the lit houses but, he has to make sure there are enough papers in supply. Otherwise he has to ride his bike over to the pile of papers on the street & ride the bike over them. They have to land in The Sun Mailboxes not anywhere else to count as delivery. They are not supposed to land in the postal mailboxes next to them. Otherwise by next day that subscriber will want to cancel their subscription. There are a lot of types of obstacles as the boy is going down the block. There is a dog that barks & chases the boy, rolling tires, lawnmowers, other machinery yard tools, & even cars on the street if the boy rides the street instead of the sidewalk. Also when the paperboy is crossing the street, there is also cars to look out for too. Sometimes there is a drunk man walking the sidewalk & you can hit it with a paper to stop it. When you get through the whole block whether all papers were delivered or not & you didn't get killed from obstacles three times, you run a training course & it gives extra points. You have to run it through all the way without falling off. When the training course is done, then the next day comes which is Tuesday. The papers are delivered like real newsboys do, Monday then Tuesday, then Wednesday, then Thursday, then Friday. If you have perfectly delivered to all lit houses, then you get new subscribers ranging anywhere from 2 to 4 if you miss too many then a lot of them will cancel their subscriptions. If you make it perfectly to Friday then a Headline reads Paperboy super heros perfect delivery gets a big raise. Otherwise if he misses all & everyone on either Easy Street Middle Road or Hard Way cancels subscriptions then it says Paperboy Fired in the headlines. I have had many types of experiences on both Easy Street & Middle Road but I have never made it to Tuesday but I have seen others make it to the training course & Tuesday when watching them in different arcades.


Jughead & Mad Dog McCree



Mad Dog McCree is a video type arcade game with a motion picture setting. Because of it looking like a movie the price of that game is 4 quarters instead of only one or two quarters. It takes place in an Old Western Town. Old Western Chief Outlaw & Big Time Rustler Chief Mad Dog McCree has taken over the Western Town which was a great community for nice & decent folks. He has kidnapped the Mayor & his very attractive daughter. He has thrown the sheriff in his old hoosecow. Its up to the arcade player to stop all the outlaws or kill all the outlaws & rescue the Mayor & his daughter. With this game instead of using a regular joystick, you use a gun which you get to reload. At the beginning there is a man yelling see if you can shoot the glass bottles off this post. If you miss any he shouts try again. If you get them all then the next scene is where you hear a good guy the old man speaking about saving the town. While he is talking the first bad guy appears then a second one behind him. You have to shoot at it & get him before he gets you. If he gets you you lose a life but if you get him then he is gone & you go onto the next thing in the Western Town. When you lose three lives the game is over. However there is one big advantage in it, & that is a 60 second thing to put in another 4 quarters to continue where you left off because that game is super hard to start over at the beginning. When you get shot or if the outlaw gets you then the undertaker makes some kind of crazy speech. There are 4 areas to chose from after you shoot the two entrance outlaws. They are the Bank, The Sheriffs office & hoosegow, the bar or saloon & the corrall ranch. My area I chose a lot was mostly the Bank. I would hear a lady screaming about the bank being robbed then two innocent men come out then two bank robbers come out after. I did most of them time shoot at both of the bank robbers. However a good guy shouts theres more inside & there is all behind teller areas & around the bank vaults. Most of the time in there I never made it past there. One time when I shot at a good guy coming out of the bank I got penalized by a deputy sheriff for shooting an innocent person. That same happened to me outside of the both the Sheriff's jail & saloon when shooting at innocent ladys as well. Even though I never made it to that part of the game & have seen others doing it, after you kill all the bad guys in the 4 areas & get the sheriff out of his jail the next step is going on roads to three different hideouts & shooting at bad guys there & that includes the hideout of the where the Mayor & his daughter are held hostage. Speaking of the Mayors attractive daughter, before I put in my four quarters I would hear many video announcements about please save the town from Mad Dog McCree. However my favorite one of all was when the Mayors attractive daughter would say Would you pretty please save the town as a favor for me & my father you are so brave & you would be a hero to me doing it. She sounded so loving & adoring saying that over the video to me. I have played that game first in Atlantic City & Wildwood New Jersey & they even had the game for awhile at an arcade in The Connecticut Post Shopping Mall in Milford CT near where I live. I have always enjoyed playing the Mad Dog McCree Video Game.


That's My Video Game Page, if you have any comments on my video games be free to Email Me.

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