My Move to White Plains and Civilization Neighborhood Around my Home


My Move to White Plains from New Haven CT


I have lived in New Haven Connecticut for 25 years of life and I have worked at Connecticut Savings Banks which later became Centerbank for 18 years. A bank named First Union had bought out that bank so my job had to end but it gave me 18 years of banking experience. However it became very impossible to find a job after I had left that bank even though I have worked at a school part time for some of that time but however, in 3 years time after I left a job at school where I had alot of down time or idle time it became very impossible to get a job. So it was time for me to move out of New Haven to an area near New York City in one of the best cities in Westchester County called White Plains NY. A Coop Apartment on Central Avenue was found for me and it was one of the best great price coops on one of the best roads in White Plains near the Hartsdale Border. So in preparation time for the move which I did for two years from 2000 to 2002 I had alot of things to do to prepare for it. First thing I did was go through boxes in my storage room and clean out alot of them. Most of the things I have sorted and some of the things I didn't want anymore I threw out. However in the storage room I had tons of old Archie Comics, Casper and Richie Rich Comic Books and Charleton Flintstone Comic Books Top Cat and also some old Dennis The Menace Comic Books but I had to get rid of them long before the move. So in the summer of 2000 I did the only logical thing. I sorted them all out took many photos of them and posted them on Ebay which was one of the best selling your own things on an auction website.  From summer of 2000 to fall of 2001 my comic books had sold successfully better than ever and in more of a years time I made over 2 grand on the comics plus maps and other things I have found and sold on Ebay. Plus I made over 2 grand clearing out my storage space of things. When the Coop was found in January of 2002 and it was almost time to move it was time for me to get boxes and get started packing. Plus I had to also go to a store named Staples for a new storage cabinet to put my big collection of movies and VCR tapes that I have taped on my VCR. Some of those boxes were brought over to me and some of them I got myself from the backroom of the Southern CT State University Bookstore, some I got at a place called Stop and Shop Supermarket at two of their branches both in Amity area of New Haven and Hamden Plaza, and also some of them I had bought at a place called Uhaul Moving. It took me about 2 months to get everything packed up and the boxes were various different sizes including some I did from Uhaul. Before I packed the video cassettes, I used lots of those free pads I got from job fairs and Javitz Center Computer Festivals and labeled those VHS video boxes of TV shows and movies I taped and kept them in order. Also I had labeled those boxes of the contents as I was packing them with White Sticky labels that you can buy at Staples or any stationery store. In the 2 months that I have backed the total number of boxes that got packed by me were 55 boxes. The name of the moving company that moved me from New Haven CT to my new home on White Plains NY was Oz Moving Company. On moving day they managed to get all of those 55 boxes into the truck from the apartment and storage room plus they got the furniture moved too. When they arrived at the new place they got all of the furniture and 55 boxes up the service elevator in the nick of time which was 45 minutes before the expired time of 5:00 PM because our Coop Apartment building had a rule of service elevator time ends at 5:00. After the move happened there was alot of unpacking to do. Others thought I would be living in boxes for over a month since many others after a move have, but to my own and others surprise, I had managed to unpack those 55 boxes in just one weeks time which included getting the new bookcase from my brother and the new storage cabinet from Staples.

The Community or Civilization just out my front door


Many times when you are moving you are alot of times concerned with a location where your apartment is located and what conveniences of where its near. My last apartment I moved from in New Haven was hardly near any civilization and I had to walk a mile to get to the bus stop plus there were hardly any stores very close by. There was a Gilberts Pharmacy Drug Store but Stop and Shop bought its pharmacy and it went out of business and closed up. Plus there was a very small convenience food store too. However its walk was a block and a half and the nearest Dunkin Donuts was a very long walk. So when I have moved to White Plains I moved in one of the best areas with Civilization and Shops just out my front door where not many people have as a super convenience. The Civilization and stores that are outside my front door are two big supermarkets. One of them is a Pathmark which is a super grocery store franchise chain and theres a second big supermarket owned by a private company called Turcos. Turcos Supermarket is one of my favorite things about my move. It not only has lots of groceries that most supermarkets have but it has a deli that makes its own eggplant both fresh and frozen and its own chocolate pudding and pizza bagels and many things plus they make their own Krispy Creme Donuts too. They make great fresh potatoes cooked at their deli and always have the fruits and vegatables at my convenience. Plus lots of the staff at Turcos got to know me quickly since I moved in because I come there so frequently. Speaking of the staff I Turcos, I made many several close friends there just one or more months after the move and one of the friends I made there who became a super close friends was a manager named Maria. Not only would she share interests in things I have done both back in New Haven and White Plains but also I could tell her many thoughts of things on my mind things I have done and also she would help me out with many grocery things I needed and other ideas. Plus when I was feeling strange my first month being in new surroundings of White Plains NY instead of New Haven CT, she would make me feel at home there and comfortable and she did help me get adjusted to the new area, shortly after I have moved to White Plains to my new neighborhood as well as the community, and she is one super good reason I am glad I moved there. Besides Maria helping me out in feeling comfortable getting myself adjusted also a famous DJ named Kacey from the station WHUD helped me in many ways get adjusted there too. Here is a photo of her:

Kacey The DJ

The way I met Kacey was one month after I moved I went to a job fair near where I lived and she was in the WHUD booth there and thats where we met and she was happy to see my resume at that time, after that just a month and a half after my move a March of Dimes walk came up and she was there running the WHUD booth there and we got to talk a little there. That one March of Dimes walk got shortened to just a block up the road because it rained heavy that day but it was worth going to see Kacey a second time there. Both those two times Kacey helped make me adjust to being comfortable living in White Plains same as Maria from Turcos did and others.  Then I saw her again when I had dinner at the TGI Fridays restaurant in Tarrytown New York where they had a Bicardi Evening event. She was quite busy there but I spun the WHUD prize wheel and we did talk a little about some things. Then after that there was a Big Business Type Expo at Rockland Community College with lots of booths and there I met Kacey also and there we had tons of times to talk and besides my telling her things that went on lately in my life she asked me how things were with me and what I was up to and she told me how other events she and staff of WHUD did at those events or functions. Overall Kacey and I both had a great time at this RCC event and she did remember me from the 3 times before plus I do plan on seeing her at some future events. Here is a photo of me and Kacey at RCC.

Kacey and Jughead

After seeing Kacey at the Business Expo at RCC, it was a year later I decided to make Kacey a Card in regard to how she along with Maria from Turcos helped me feel settled in my getting adjusted to White Plains and where I went to see her was at the Brewster Honda Place in Brewster NY which I took a train from White Plains NY to. Kacey asked me how I got there and I told her by train and she loved the card and copies of the photos at RCC that I made for her and she was glad to know that even after a year I still listen to her on WHUD. In conclusion both Maria and Kacey the DJ from WHUD both made me feel super special on my move to White Plains NY. Also another part of the Shopping Civilization right out my front door is a department store called Bed Bath and Beyond. In it has lots of things you need for your home including favorite appliances you need like when I needed a new Clock Radio I got that there plus when my old digital answering machine wore out I got a new one there too. Plus lots of my other favorite stores out the doorway of my community are Bagel Emporium and a Hallmark Place and a Rite Aid where I go to develop photos taken with a fun saver camera. Besides that theres three big restaurants out my front door too, like a deli and a pizza italian restaurant and also a Friendlys Restaurant too. Most people in Westchester County or many communities usually have a mile or a block or sometimes if they don't drive a bus ride to get to a store to get something they need right away. However when I moved into that new Coop I was lucky to have gotten a great civilization just out my front door.  Below are photos of three of the Civilization Places just out my front door of my Coop Apartment Home.


The Best Bus Route in Westchester County Out My Front Door


Many times when you move to a new location, you wonder if its not only near walking distance from civilization but also on any bus routes. Sometimes you walk a block from where you live to get to a bus route or sometimes two blocks  plus sometimes you have to walk even a half mile or mile to catch a bus like I did at the place in New Haven where I have moved from, but however The Westchester Beeline 20 bus route on Route 100 or Central Avenue is just out my front door and for the bus to Downtown White Plains with transfers to do at the Clock Tower, its on the sidewalk just in front of my Coop Apartment Building but however for the route to South 100 to Hartsdale and Greenburgh area of Scarsdale and Tuckahoe area and Cross County area of Yonkers and into New York City, its just across the street of the front door of my building. That bus route is one of the best bus routes in all of Westchester County and in its direction to New York City it goes to the Jerome Avenue Woodlawn subway station plus there is also a BXM4C Bus that goes express to Fifth Avenue New York City and returns from Madison Avenue New York City so in front of my home there are two different ways of getting into New York City by bus. Also besides the bus stop in front of my house theres also a bus stop where Route 100 or Central Avenue meets 119 for other bus routes in other parts of Westchester like Tarrytown and Elmsford and Westchester Community College and other parts of Yonkers plus there is also the Tappan Zee Bus that goes to the Palisades Mall and Rockland County. Overall I am happy to have moved to Central Avenue where I live on one of the best bus routes.

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