Bus Ride Jughead Took Round Trip to Woodbridge Mall



Around October of 1997 I went to a Compuserve Boo Bash at the Wyndham Gardens Hotel in Elizabeth New Jersey very close to Newark Airport. The Itinerery was mingling mostly with each other all weekend long. On Saturday Afternoon of that weekend most of us had free time, so I had decided to take a long bus trip over to the Woodbridge Center Mall many miles from the hotel I stayed at.



The hotel had a courtesy van that brings you from the door of their hotel to the airport & to catch my bus to go to Woodbridge Mall I took the courtesy van to the Monorail station of that airport. At the airport they use a monorail which is & was for a long time the transportation of the future. The monorail takes you between terminals at the airport depending on what flight you take. I have been on monorails many times in my life. I took a Disneyland Monorail ride two times that I have been there in LA, & many times during my vacations that I took at Walt Disney World in 1976 Bicentennial Year, 1984 & 1994. At that theme park the Walt Disney World Monorail takes you from the parking lot of Disney World to the Magic Kingdom & other parks. In 1984 I took the monorail over to Epcot Center. Once in Las Vegas in 1988 I did take a monorail over from one area of the Circus Circus Hotel to another. Plus many amusement park rides had monorails too. However that Boo Bash Weekend I took the monorail to a terminal at the airport to catch the New Jersey Transit 62 bus to go to the Woodbridge Center Mall.



The route it took was it started out at Newark Airport then it went through the heart of town of Elizabeth New Jersey. There were wall to wall stores of all kinds there. I did enjoy looking out the window of the bus seeing all those kinds of stores there. After it was out of the town of Elizabeth New Jersey it passed a park & Roselle NJ was on one side of the bus & along a long ride of St. George Avenue was the town and areas of Linden New Jersey. After that we went along roads in the center of Linden with nice scenery known as Scott Avenue & Jacques Avenue & Inman Avenue. Then in Woodbridge we went through its heart of town known as Wood Avenue & Oak Tree Road. At the end of Oak Tree Road I thought we had made it to the mall but it was just an outside shopping center in a different part of Woodbridge. The bus finally got to the Woodbridge Mall & it was a trip that took an hour & a half getting there.

Finally when I got there I took a long walk around the Woodbridge Mall. It has four different department stores on two levels. First I went to a calendar store which was in a booth in the center of the mall & looked at alot of them to decide on which 1998 calendar I was gonna get, but I couldn't find one at that moment. After that I went to my favorite place to buy videos in the world & that was Suncoast Motion Pictures. I looked around to find movies to buy that day but none of them were available at that moment. I did see the big Xmas collection they had there. I have been to many Suncoast Motion Pictures stores in many different malls that I have been to. Lots of times I did buy movies I was waiting to buy for a long time. After that since I didn't have much time I just walked around the mall & looked at all types of stores there. My last stop there was JC Penney a favorite department store I loved since I was a young kid. They had a super bargain sale there on socks. Instead of paying 3 for 12 bucks at the JC Penney Store in that mall,I paid 3 for only $7.50. Plus after that part of the sale of socks, they by my surprise took off another 25 percent. So I had a super double bargain that I took advantage of when I bought 3 pairs. After that it was time to get back on the bus. I had to be back in time by 7PM for the important dinner part of the Boo Bash.

So on the ride back the bus went some of the way a whole different. After it left the mall it went a different way though a suburban country type town of Carteret. After Carteret it took a scenic route through Rahway as well. Lots of the stores in both Carteret & Rahway were super scenic to see. After that it went back along the long St. George Avenue & through Elizabeth & Linden again. Then it went back to Newark Airport where I boarded the monorail again. That bus ride round trip to Woodbridge Mall was a very scenic & enjoyable bus ride for me during the Boo Bash weekend.

If anybody as any comments on my bus ride to the Woodbridge please Email me.

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