The Goodies - "Earthanasia" in RealAudio

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The Real Audio file for the Earthanasia Episode of the comedy show "The Goodies" Version 1.4, last revised on September 1997

Episode Synopsis:

It's Christmas time and world leaders in a vision to cure the world's problems they have decided to blow the world up.
How are the Goodies going to spend their last minutes on Earth?
What has Tim been hiding under his Union Jack waistcoat?
We find out that Bill has been living a lie all these years, but what?

If you are a Nutscrape or Injurenet Explorer user, click with the right mouse button on the links to download the files to your hard drive or click with the left button to hear the samples while online.

Earthanasia RealAudio file, the episode has been compressed with a 14.4 kbaud encoder, 100 megs down to 1.58Mb!!
Cor blimey whollop wehey!!

click here to download 1.58Mb, 26 minutes of audio.


If you are hearing any clicking or any other audio nasties during playback with RealAudio, try this:

You may find even on the fastest PC's that you are going to have to muck about in preferences. The above steps fixed a problem of clicking on my friend's P200.

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Earthanasia the Goodies episode

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Goodies samples in .wav and soon mpeg and .ra

* New * (July 97) Have a look at some pictures from some of the episodes.
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* New * (September 97) Mpeg audio/video clip from "Football Crazy"
Mock Advertisement Mock advertisement from the episode "Football Crazy". 1.6 Megs, 22 seconds.

Cool Edit was the program I used to create the audio file. Its available for various flavours of Windoze, it's only slightly crippled shareware. It's available at:
Cool Edit Syntrillium's Cool Edit, a brilliant sample editor.

What can't hear no sound? Probably means you haven't downloaded RealAudio plugin for your web browser. Collect it at:
RealAudio RealAudio, a plugin to hear .ra files with Nutscrape, Injurenet Explorer, and probably other browsers.


I find it pretty cool with current technology that is now available to us to do something like this, making it easy to fit half an hour of audio into a two meg file. I hope this idea spurs on others to create similar projects.

'Twas in the year of when Brian Adams was born, and his music has not got any fresher.

Feeling like a teapot? Bored as buggery? Thinking about doing a transsrcipt but need audio and video? Email me: Grayden Hanson.

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