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Why I like Gigi? As many of you have asked me. I first saw her in TVB series "Tin Lun" (The Link), she played a wild girl who's suffering in today's society and later end up as a nice house-wive. The role Gigi took in here was very realistic and acttractive. Though she is the youngest (after Ada Choi) in the main casts group, Gigi performed the best. Her acting was so natural, she make many people laughs along with her and feel sorry for her when she was suffered.

After that Gigi became my favorite actress. I thought her role, Ho-Kei in "Tin Lun" was one of her best work. Another one I'd recommend is "Ngo Ngoi Ah Cha So" (Wong Fei Hung Returns) where Gigi starred with comedians Dicky Cheung and Bobby Au-Yeung. If you're looking for something to laugh, "Ngo Ngoi Ah Cha So" is what I'd recommend. But if you would you are interest in something else more dramatic, "The Change of Time" would be a great one.

As 1997 approached, Gigi's career developed well as she as she already has accepted several film deals with good actors such as Francis Ng, Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Jet Li, Julian Cheung, etc.

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*** Patty Chau *** for contributing many information on Gigi's filmography and discography. Also, thank you for letting me borrow those 2 new pictures of Gigi.

*** Yushy *** for Scanning many pictures for me and for opened "GIGI LAI INTERNATIONAL FAN CLUB".

*** Jackie *** for letting me borrow a few pictures.

*** Enrica *** for helping me translating Gigi's discography.

*** PL *** for scanning pictures of Gigi's albums for me.

*** Ching Ching *** for helping me translating Gigi's discography.

~~~ GIGI LAI ~~~ for being pretty, talented, charm, cool, cute, nice... too many words to describe you! To you with all of the best! GO GIGI!

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