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Hi and welcome to my one of many homepages!If you do not already know I have three other homepages Glowdoll's Homepage of Hot Celebrities!, Glowdoll's California Dreams Page, and Glowdoll's F*R*I*E*N*D*S Homepage.As you can tell I like entertainment and movies and that is what my homepages are all about.I really love the show Party Of Five.I was really crushed when the season was over.I waited for Wednesdays in anticipation of the show coming on and when it stopped I had nothing to do at that time of night.I mean I even won a Party of Five t-shirt and believe me I wear it in pride.As you can also tell I really like making my own homepages.It gives me something to do that extra hour every Wendesday nights.Well I will let you get to doing what you came here for!!!And if you don't know what that is you are in the wrong place!

Since you might not know that much about the Salinger family I will let you in on it.Well the Salingers were like every normal family but of course they had their problems.Thier father was an alcoholic.Well one day while he was drinking he was also driving home.Well they (the parents) got in a car accident and died.So the 5 kids were left along and fended for themselves.Well they were also left to face their own problems.Charlie had girlfriend problems (like finding the right one), Bailey had an alcoholism problem and a cheating problem, Julia had boyfriend problems and let down a great college acception, and Claudis had the problem of never getting told the truth about the family she lived in. And the poor little boy didn't have the foggiest of what was going on.As I said they all had their ups and downs.

Neve Cambell
Lacy Chabert
Scott Wolf
Matthew Fox
Jennifer Love Hewitt

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The youngest of all the Salingers is 3 year old Owen played by Andrew and Stephen Cavarno. Everyone tries to do as much as they can to help Owen and make him feel comfortable about the loss of his parents.

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