Days of Our Lives Interactive Mystery Adventure


DOOLIMA is a fun little WWW game I created for the amusement of Days fans out there. Because it is a WWW based game the amount of interaction is limited, but I hope to make it as fun and entertaining as possible.

The Basic Plot

Stefano DiMera has been found dead (for real). Salem is crawling with people who have numerous amounts of reasons to want to kill Stefano, but you have been charged with the murder. Super lawyer Mickey Horton has gotten you out on bail and you now have 5 days to search for the real murderer before your trial begins. At the trial you will be asked many questions about the murder and will be provided a chance to reveal what you have or haven't learned. You will have to identify who the murderer really is and why they did it, along with other questions pertaining to the crime. Be aware, falsely accusing some people could get you laughed out of court and land you in jail, or you could cause an innocent person to be convicted of the crime. There is only one real murderer, do you have what it takes to find him or her?

How to Play

In order to ease the amount of scrolling, and to make correcting areas and adding frequent changes I have redone the way in which the game play. The game has now been split into 3 sections.

The Map Window
This windows is how you move around Salem. It can be accessed through the location window.

The Location Window
This windows is a description of where you currently are and what you can do. Through this window you can engage in conversation or choose to move to a new location.

The Conversation Window
This window is how you engage in conversation with the other residents of Salem. It can be accessed through the location window and left by selecting the "Bye" option.

Suggestions on Playing

I have 3 suggestions on playing this game which will make the game more challenging and amusing.

1 I prefer browsing the web at a resolution of 640x480. However, this game looks better at a resolution of 800x600 or higher just because the window fits in the screen better.

2 Try and avoid using the "BACK" button on the web browser. Just play the game through, and if you don't win play it again. There are many endings, and a lot of fun places to explore in Salem.

3 By default, most Web Browser underline links. This takes some of the fun out of searching through the descriptions of places and peoples conversation looking for clues. I'd like to suggest that your turn the underline links option off. However, if you really hit a dead end turning it back on might help you out.


A Big thanks to Carol Jordan for supplying me with pictures from "Days of Our Lives".

Other pictures and graphics where created through various paint and clip art programs.


This game hasn't been checked for spelling or grammatical errors, which I'm sure there are plenty of.

Legal Stuff

This game is my creation and claims no connection with anyone from Days of Our Lives. Days of Our Lives, it's characters, and it's settings are all copyrighted by NBC and Corday Studio's.

The Story

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