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This is the quiz, if you think you know the Simpsons, you're in for a big suprise. Cause you don't know Jack now. When you submit this, I will tabulate your score and E-Mail your score to you and you might have a chance to get in the Simpsons Quiz hall of fame.


What Is Your Name?

What is Your EMail address?

How did Groundskeeper Willie make and lose millions of dollars?

How many brothers does Dr Hibbert have?

How many minutes did Martin extend the school day?

Name all of Krusty's "sideshow" people.

Name all of the main people that work at KBBL.

Name four bullies.

What 3 couples were at the marrige retreat?

What are the names of the Happy Little Elves?

What are the names of the people in the yo-yo demonstrations at Springfield Elementry?

What is Apu's last name (spelling counts)?

What is Homer's Social Security #?

What is Jebediah Springfield's full name?

What is Krusty's real name?

What is McBain's real name?

What is McBain's sidekick's name?

What is the name of Prof. Frink's wannabee show?

What is the only foundation repair in town?

What is the other Homer's full name?

What is the sea captain's name?

What was the name of the juicer product, by Dr. Nick?

Who are the panelists on "Gabbing about God"?

Who is Homer's guardian angel?

Who in the second grade, can invert his eyelids?

Who is McBains nemesis?

Who is Ronnie Beck?

Who is the big actor in lisa's class?

Who is the vantriliquist that does Gabbo?

Who is the leader of the Stonecutters?

Who was Bart's big brother in the "Big Brother" program?

Who is the loser in the bar that doesn't like his name?

Who was Homer's little brother in the "Big Brother" program?

Who wants to go to bovine university?

So, how did you do? I thouhgt so. You don't Know Jack!!!!!

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