Upcoming new Pokemon video games!
Pokemon Gold and Silver(on gameboy)
It already came out. As you might know there's about 250 pokemon now in gold ams silver ver. Just like the blue, red, and yellow but new lands, pokemon, and adventures!! Both  Rate E for Everyone!
Upcoming new Pokemon trading card sets!
Gym Hero set!
Gym Challenge set!
More Info VERY soon!!
~~New PROMO Cards!!~~
#16 promo: Computer error
#17 promo: Dark Persian (holo)
#18 promo: Team Rocket's Meowth
#19 promo: Psyduck
#20 promo: Sabrina's Abra
#21 promo: Moltres
#22 promo: Articuno
#23 promo: Zapdos
Prereleased Myisty's Seadra
~~Go here for info and pictures!!~~
person here!
Your the
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