Pokemon Trainers

Ash Ketchum
He became a pokemon trainer when turned 10 years old. He was going to get, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, or Charmander from Pro. Oak, but he woke up late. So he got Pikachu! Which at first didn't like Ash in tell he saved Pika's life from a swarm spearow! Ash is hopeing to be the best Pokemon Master!

He has been Ash's enemy Since he was a baby. Gary has his own fan club. He always has more pokemon than ash. Gary is training to be the best Pokemon Master! Gary's uncle is Pro. Oak!

He loves to breed, traine pokemon, and cook! At first he all was a gym leader at Pewter city. He couldn't traine pokemon, because he had to take care of his 10 brothers and sisters. He had no mother or father. Cause his mom died or something and his dad was gone somewere untill they found him, and so Brock started training with Ash and Misty.

She was loves water pokemon. She has Starmie, Staryu, Goldeen, and Psyduck! Has three sisters in Celadon City! She once was the gym leader there too.

She's not really a pokemon trainer. She and Chansey revives pokemon back to perfect health at pokemon centers.

Professer Oaks
He too is not really a trainer. He studies and learns all about pokemon. He learns about all the new pokemon moves! He invented the PokeDex!

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