These are links to websites that are Spike/Dru centered.

Spike and Drusilla's Kingdom has quotes and a message board.

A Memory for Death has fanfiction.

The Cemetary has bios, pics, 'isms, and episode recaps.

Drowning in Russet Silk has fanfic, a posting board, and quotes.

DruLove's Lair is a haven for Spike/Dru fanfic lovers.

Dru n'Spike's Domain has sounds, quotes, and pics.

Fanfic and Dinner has fanfiction for Spike and Dru.

Garden of Blood has top tens, quotes to live by, pics, and bios.

A Home for Spike and Dru has articles, pics, and fanfic.

Kiss of Death has fanfic, pics, sounds, bios, transcripts, quotes, and episodes.

Lady Drusilla and Lord Spike's Castle has bios, a gallery, and the couples' friends and enemies.

Love at First Bite: Spike and Drusilla has episode guides and interview transcripts.

Pretty Moppet's Bedroom has pics, songs, artwork, and fanfic.

Shadow of Evil has pics, downloads, and fanfic.

Spike's Chosen Ones has pics, fanfic, and links.

Spike and Drusilla has articles and links.

Spike and Drusilla's Altar has Spike/Dru desktop themes.

Spike and Drusilla: An Eternal Love...Literally has fanfic and links.

The Spike and Drusilla Free Pictures Gallery is exactly what it sounds like.

Spike and Dru's FanFic Page. If you can't get a clue as to what this site is about, then you're hopeless.

Spike and Dru's Garden of Death has sounds, fanfic, and a mailing list.

Spike and Dru: My Favorite Vamps has interviews, multimedia, and fanfics.

Spike and Dru's Palace bios, a gallery, fanfic, episode transcripts, episode reviews and fashion reviews, interview and chat transcripts, polls, spoilers, links, and a whole lot of unique things.

Spike and Dru's Place has pics and fanfic.

Spike and Drusilla's Secret Garden has pics and a quiz.

Spike and Dru: Together Forever has quotes.

Spike and Drusilla's Vampire-Kingdome has quotes, galleries, and "a lighter side" of Spike and Dru.

Spike and Dru: Vampyres R'Us has pics, bios, quotes, and a survey.

Spike and Drusilla's Warehouse has images and quotes.

Twisted Lovers has pics, bios, and vampspeak.

Undead Lovebirds has fanfic, quotes, and a gallery.

The Valley of the Dolls has spoilers, fanfic, sounds, and a message board.

The Vamp Slayground has quotes, sounds, and a survey.

Vampires Yay has fan art, quotes, bios, and awards.



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