These links are to websites that are Spike-centered. This may include general info, fan clubs, and more.

The Vampire has Spike fanfic.

The Bleached One has Spike obsessions, a game, and a gallery.

Pure Evil has Spike-centered fic.

Luna Noctis is a fanfic site by the webmaster of Realms of Darkness.

Destiny's Bitch has Spike fanfiction.

Eternal Illusions has fanfic, a role-playing game, and an interactive Spike story.

Addictive Stigmata has Spike fanfiction by the talented Sandycat.

Association of Horny Spike-Lovin Bronzers is a club with quotes, pics, and an interactive section.

Better the Devil You Know is a general Spike site.

The British Bad Boy is a general Spike site with the owner's thoughts on Spike.

The Catacombs guides you through Spike's kitchen, living room, and bedroom (mmm...).

Corvette's Spike Shrine has quotes, sounds, and a Spike theme.

Darkness Reigns has images, a bio, and a Sunnydale history of Spike.

Dead Daisies and Brassed-Off Slayers has Spike's bio, a drinking game, and quotes.

Dead Daisies + Railroad Spikes + Black Leather Pants = ? is a site focusing on the Dru-Spike-Angel relationship.

Delila Darlove's Spike Site has fanfic, a keepers page, episodes, polls, etc.

A Demon in my Head is a general Spike site with "propaganda", buffyfic, and other misc. stuff on Spike/JM.

His Spikiness has episode guides and fanfic.

Hostile 17 is a very creative and original site that keeps track of Spike through the Initiative's point of view, with a case history, field reports, pysch profile, and surveillance.

Insatiable~A Devotion to Spike has a gallery, bio, and poetry.

Initiative: Spike includes sections such as active agents, subject profiles, photographs, known hangouts, mission reports, quotes, sounds, rec room, and downloads.

James Marsters is a general James Marsters site. is one of the best James Marsters sites on the web. The now defunct Red Moon site has been moved to this address.

The James Marsters Picture Gallery has tons of pics of James Marsters: single Spike shots, group shots, James Marsters shots, and shots from others roles James Marsters has done.

James in Orlando! is a fan's account of meeting James at the Orlando convention. With pictures!

Jessica Colley's Hobby Page is a general Spike site.

The Land of the Lost is a Spike-centered site with fanfic.

Leslie's BTVS Palace is very Spike-centered, including a "You Know You're Obsessed..." page.

Literally Spike is my Spike fanfic page.

Liz's Spike UnderWorld has a bio and pics.

The Lone Wolf has pics, an episode guide, quotes, sounds, articles, interviews, fanfic, and random thoughts.

Michelle's Spike Page has sounds and pics.

My Spike has a timeline, fanfic, and a quiz.

The Nameless Site has general Spike info.

Nexus of the Crisis has Spike-centric fic.

Nocturnal Me has a bio, filmography, interviews, episodes, images, fans, clones, a survey, and spoilers.

The Nutella Jar has fanfic. Spike and Nutella. Mmmmm.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Spike is a club page.

Realms of Darkness has "Spikey songs", top ten lists, and destop themes.

Red Moon has been moved to

SafeSearching's Official James Marsters Site is an official James Marsters site from SafeSearching with a bio and pics.

Save our Spike! has a timeline, quotes, news, and a top ten list.

The Shrine of Spike has Spike News, a bio, pics, interviews, quotes, downloads, etc.

Spike! is a general Spike site with quotes and pics.

Spike's has pics, bios, quotes, and Spike episodes.

Spike's Archive: Fan Fic that Doesn't Suck has...well...Spike fanfic.

Spike Can Kick Evil Angel's Ass has a webring and fanclub.

Spike Drooling Central is a Spike message board.

Spike For People Magazine's Next Sexiest Man Alive/Undead Club is a comprehensive Spike site.

The Spike Girls is a great fan club, of which I am a member, Analytic Spike.

Spike is to Die For: The James Marsters Fan Page is the official James Marsters fanclub site. Tons of great info.

Spike's Dungeon is a Spike chat room.

Spike Fanfiction has fanfic and interviews.

Spike's Harem is a Spike Fan Club.

Spike's Hideout is a general Spike site with quotes and a biography of James Marsters.

Spike Keepers and Guardians is the official page for keepers of Spike-related stuff.

Spike's Lady has a bio, filmography, fanfic, and more.

Spike's Lair is a general Spike site.

Spike's Love has pics and fanfic.

Spike's Love Bitch has information on spike, quotes, and clubs.

Spike Online has the general Spike and James Marsters stuff, and is laid out with wonderful graphics.

Spike Online: Crimson Sunset has a bio, multimedia, quizzes, games, pics, and fanart.

Spike's Place is a general Spike site, but looks to be still under construction.

Spike's Playhouse contains news and a bio on James Marsters.

Spike's Trunk has fanfic, quotes, a drinking game, Spike's fashion taste, etc.

Spike's Vampire Band is a general Spike site with a Spike episode guide and even Spike greeting cards

Spike's Trenchcoat pits Dru vs. Buffy, and Spike vs. Billy Idol.

Spike's Vamps has fanfic and quotes.

Spike's World has fanfic, quotes, and a Spike and Dru theme song.

Spiked and Skewered has a gallery, appearances, a body count, fanfic, interactive stuff, and a lot more.

Sugar and Spike is Sandra's Spikefic page.

The Temple of Spike is dedicated to the worship of none other than our Spike. But there's a little less ritual and a lot more fun. .

TigerPaw's Spike Underworld is a general Spike site, with fanfic and images.

This is James Marsters' filmography on IMDB.

The Unofficial James Marsters Page has news, articles, a bio, and pics.

ZeroImpact has Zero's Spike fanfic.



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