Welcome to the Dark Perk Mansion Game!

The point of the game:  

To find All 6 hidden "keywords" in or around Dark Perk Mansion.....without getting yourself killed! 

(If you succeed....Email them to Cousin Mary as proof you survived....Your name will then be added to the Survivors List along with all bragging rights due you.) 

Click on people to talk to them, some objects to touch them. 

**Warning- the vampires are visiting, and DP Mansion isn't exactly known for being a cozy bed&breakfast on its own either!


The Rules: 

#1. There aren't any......enter at your own risk! The Dark Perks will not be held accountable if anything happens to you. (Heck, we set most of the traps just -for- you!)  Bwhahahaha!

#2. Allow pages to fully load, you'll need a browser that supports automatic refreshes too.  The dark pink demons have placed an evil spell on your 'back' button so DON'T use it. (ok...so I lied....there is a rule and that's it.) A 'back' button will be provided for you IF and only IF you may need one.

#3. Enjoy your visit and if you don't make it through the first time...we'll notify your next of kin.

(all VICTIMS are immediately transferred to the MORGUE!)

Enter the Mansion!

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**BEWARE- the Mansion is full of traps, surprises and secrets.  There are hidden passageways, tricks and dangers galore!  Be sure to check each room thoroughly, this includes looking for undeclared links and scrolling down even when I don't say you have to.


**I'd like to dedicate this game to Laura Griffin, the DP's very own Dark CERK Perk, by far one of the greatest people I've met on-line or otherwise.  It's people like her that make running the DP lists worthwhile  :-)  

Disclaimers:  Forever Knight is the property of James Parriott and Sony/Tristar, I made and am making no money of of this, it's by a fan for others fans, no copyright infringement is intended.  I also don't own any of the graphics, you see one that it yours that you don't what me posting here, tell me and I'll take it down post haste.  Additional disclaimers: I also don't own Buffy: the Vampire Slayer, even though I used a Giles and Spike pic.  What else, hmm, oh, the concepts and characters of Dark Perk Mansion (insofar as what isn't directly FK's) are mine and the other Thugs, please ask if you want to use them.