The Survivors List

These brave souls have conquered the DP Mansion challenge, survived innumerous traps, ravenous vampires and are heros in their own right!  Will you ever be able to join them?

Laura Great job!! <off to go soak in Ren's tub again...right after I go back for another peek in my closet!
Miranda Great job on the game, I died laughing at every turn :)
Jenny #3 Great Mary. Really great.
Lore8132 Mary I loved this game!! Fantastic! I laughed my dark pink butt off.
Korri Thanks Mary...that was great fun!! Well done!!!
Sarah aka Kyra Whew - it was an dangerous yet fun-filled trip through the mansion.
Caroline How fun! Especially with the Buffy crossover stuff going on.
Lisa First, I'd like to say Happy Anniversary to the DP's...and then all I can say is WOW! You must've put a lot of work into this game, and it looks great.
Anez Wow. Amazing job, by the way. That must have taken you ages! Well, know this, I had *great* fun playing it online w/a friend playing at the same time... ( No, we didn't say anything other than "Oooh!" -- I didn't want to be spolied... :) Thanks!
Molly/StormBorn I would say this is a "killer" game, but perhaps I'd better not. You're a sick woman...I like that. <g (I died 13 times! Boy, are you in for it come Wartime!)
Debi McK  I DID IT!!!!! Upped the body count a bit though.... Now I'm going back in to try the links I didn't dare to...
Kristy June Mary, you did a really great job on this game, and it was a lot of fun! And seeing "Lucius in Repose" made up for all the times that I died!
Hanna Lots of fun though (especially that little ditty of an Uncle tapestry...ouch baby!!) Thanks for the fun!!!! I enjoyed it a lot!!!
Sushi I think I'll go let Uncle kill me a few more times... oh my... =)
Mids I liked finding Spike and Giles being around! :) And the pics of Tracy were better than most I've seen :) And the Nat liking Miklos was cute :) Great Site!!!
Laurie I must have died at least 10 times, but I finally got all the keywords. I had fun, this must have taken a lot of work.
Christen Woo-hoo! Definitely the best game I have ever played online!
JenRae That was so much fun! I probably doubled the body count ;) Thanks so much for the endeavor!
fkf (sylvie) this game is wonderful, I love it! thank you very much for making those games!
Bubbles Okay, I did it! I got through! Of course, I used up more lives than a cat has, but I did it!
Jade Luved it!! Especially the bath scene! (But I've gotta remember to stop picking up stray weaponry... *g*).
Liz the Lucky Well, I finally found them all. Must've added 20 to the body count, but I got them all.
Anita Thank you. It was a really fun game. I played it obssesively until I found all the words.
Bali loved this game! racked up quite a few toe-tag's but i made it<g thank's, that was a scream[pun intended<eg]
Marci C. Cute game
Llarian Love the game! I died about 30 times - 20 in the game (give or take a few), and at least 10 times of laughter! :)))))) Great job!
Alex (taliesyn) Braun
Brönwin aka Bronwin_the_Wolf Thanks for taking the time and energy to make such a great game. It's good for the working folk like me to have some fun disrupting the monotony of life at sporadic points in time. :)
MadHattie Oh man, that was soooo fun. And I only died 5 times! I'm so proud... They all seemed to involve falling or blond vampires. I think there's a trend here...Thanks for the game!
Tyra "OH! The bathroom death was my absolute favorite!" bounced the DarkNNer, with closet Light Cousin tendancies. "I am proud to say that I pushed the Morgue counter over 601!"
Alaffy I really enjoyed the game! I can tell a lot of thought went into it. What made it even better is that a person may think they know what's going to happen when they do something or talk to someone, but it turns out not to be the case.
Carolyn Bonfiglio I enjoyed playing.
Faery That was a pretty cool game! I was doing really well, only died once, then bam! five times in a row. Oh well, I guess six tries isn't all that bad. I especially liked being by Lacroix <g
Maya I did it, i did it, and i only died a lucky number 13 times!! :-) How long *did* you spend on this, dear? I am quite simply in awe. Okay. <g
Nadine Ziekursch Wow, that was great! Ok, I died several times, but it was worth it!!!! :-) But ending up in the Morgue after being bitten by LaCroix while being naked in a tub isn't THAT bad *lol*
Diana S.
Rhonda MacKenzie I lost count of how many times I died! Great game. I'll definitely be back to roam through the mansion again!
 Fleurette  After one month of trying.... I beat the DP Mansion Game!!!!!!!!!!  WooHoo!
Paul, aka Crah This was really a fun game! Reaching the end wasn't as much fun as dying tho... :)
JoAnne That was fun! Thanks for creating it.
Boyd and Micki cool game, and that Vachon bit was sneaky
Adrian Great game!!!!!
Tami Glad to have survived, although I must have played as my cat, since I had over 9 nine lives!
Cousin Kim You have a great imagination and I just loved the DP Mansion. I got killed by Vachon so I'm a happy person for that. Girl, I bow to the QUEEN OF SUSPENSE. Planning any more?
Dawn I'm still alive, OK, keywords
Cousin Raven I've survived!!!  Cool site!
Tracy Rowan De LaCroix I did it after about a hundred tries. Great game, lots of fun, needed more than one coffee stop though.
Astara Martin
Teresa Stevenson You have also got a new name courtesy of my roommate. She called you it frequently while we were hunting for the last keyword You need to put Anna Marie Saccheri and Teresa Stevenson on the list of Survivors. It took us for (bleep)! ever to find that last clue. We want our bragging rights.
Anna Marie Saccheri
Bram I absolutely loved this game! OK so I died about twenty times. It was still fun! I think I'm going to go enjoy another nice soak with Uncle<G>!! It was a fabulous game. It must have taken a ton of work.
Cousin Iguana Girl My my, that certainly was exciting. I believe that was the best break I've had at work. The bathtub had to be the best part, I really must bookmark that page. Magnificent work. ***** five stars baby!
Anne Remaining in awe of your page and storymaking skills
Katherine Stearns
*EVIL* Cousin Tiff :^P Hoohah! I did it. I conquered the DP mansion. I'm not going to say how many tries it took me, but I will say the phrase "Curiousity killed the cat." Is not an exaggeration. Hehehe. (don't mind the gloating) I did it. Hooray for the Tiffer!
Brianne That's a great game. I had a lot of fun!
Witch It took awhile-but I got the keywords.. I really enjoyed your site!!!!!!!!
Deanie Your game is incredible! Had me glued to my computer for a *long* time. And I only died 7 times <g>.
eddie calvin
Stan the Strange when you add me to your survivor list, I want my comment to be: I was  here, now I'm gone. Left my name to turn you on. those who know me know me well, and those who don't can go to HELL!
Nite Flyer This game is so much fun! I nearly got killed drooling after finding that tapestry.  Hugs for a grand adventure.......and not much to say for this cheesy one, nearly gettin her head bit off and all from ole Screedy boy.........Nite never learns!
Denise Grimmett that was a great game
Ben Lieberman Thanks! We had lots of fun !
Emma Not only have I safely navigated the DP mansion(8 fatalities), but I made it through Kessel house too(1 fatality). :) And having done this, all I can say is, Mary you are a very strange person, keep up the good work. ;)
Lynn Klemola
Joshua Jordon
Peety Fri
Valerie I finally got all of the words (you don't want to know how many times it took!) This was so much fun that I'll probably go back through a couple more times just for the hell of it!
Anita Only died about 6 times! The newbies should go through it as a test....teaches a lot about how to get yourself killed! :)
Karina Okay I got your 6 Keywords but don´t ask me how often I died because I gave up  to count! You have a great Game there I had a lot of fun with it!!!
Audrey MacMillan & Joe Walsh
Ricky Wyatt
Rachel Smitherman a.k.a. KnightDiva11081 I did it! I made it through with out getting myself killed. Loved the mansion. The game was great.
Gubs I'm stuck at work with nothing better do to so <shrug> Anyway It was lots of fun.
Becky I did it! I got all the way through the mansion.
Wendy Yao
Renee Aka wetvampirekiss You are a genius! I absolutely LOVED the game! (especially dying in the tub! <sigh> you are so right- what a way to go!!) Love all your games. more, later, maybe? <g>
Wesley aka wcr360
Diane Cable
Teri I got killed by Spike? SPIKE??? How mortifying! Being eaten alive by killer dust bunnies is less embarrassing than being killed by Spike! Of course, I thoroughly ENJOYED being killed by Vachon......had to go back and do that several times!! :o) I did finally manage to find all six keywords. What kind of DP would I be if I couldn't? :o)
Jason L. Richardson
Jenna Great Game!
Jane Serrano
Bratty Spike
Jade Duet Hi I am writing this letter because I played your game and I found all 6 keywords...That is a very cool game and I can see that you are very talented
Jackie Put me ont that list 0k???  It was very ease!!!!
Brain Demon
Cheryl Earle Thanks for the game.  It was fun.
Ronald Van De Peppel
Richard de Geest
star8666 I had a great time playing
Tim A
Brezhna Lopez
Eva Parciak
Keith Earickson
Daniel A Moose
David G

Well, here they are, after me having died about 4764764764 consecutive times...

Haley and Adam This was really fun to do, although we died a dozen of times!!

"This is the coolest game ever!"

KC "And lo, for there shall come unto this earth a short blonde prophetess from the land of chickens and soybeans. And she shall thrust not upon a dark shaggy stranger of grease hatred, but a gladness upon meeting. And she shall be impudent to this man, but she shall be punished not, but shall reap a harvest of riches. And the Coroner shall lay with the carouche, and a great leader of the undead shall capture the hearts of thousands. Yea, and amen."
Brittney McLean
Amber Larson I just upped the body count in the morgue by 14. :o)

****************But i made it!!!****************

Lindsie Lovanne
Jokerman79 I rule.
Renee Gilley
LUCREZIA CIVITA I must admit yours is the best and took a hugh amount of time and about  twenty trips to the MORGUE to find them all, but it was a pleasure to do it.  You have really made a site worth visiting.
Black Marauder  
Salad Ages later, I remember that I never had a fast enough processor at home to play this game effectively. And what better way to slack off at work then play!  8)
The Crusher  
Pat Stone  
Todd I laughed all the way throught it.
Matthew Severson  
Marcus Cain I would like to mention that the mansion game, as well as your site, is highly entertaining. The little things like the cockroach were funny. I especially like the FK theme, it is one of my favourite series. I was going to say more but I have forgotten what it was,oh well, comes and goes. Perhaps another time.
Cousin Minnie Mouse  
Brian Sinclair  
Debra Winslett  
Rob Champion  
Tracy Just finished playing on your page and really enjoyed your game!! 
Dragonss Thanxx, I had a blast 
Dale I really liked the game it was fun.
Julie aka sunshine childe of the knight this is a great game, best i've played online in a long time.
Beth Well there you go thanks for the fun game to play!
Bruce A Biggs  
Kathy Hey! I did it!! And it only took me 6 times!!!!
Tabby Cat  
Isis Hey, this was fun.  Thanks.
Megan Hull Jeez, and I thought I got lost walking around in RL!!!  As a compuslive choose-your-own-adventure freak, you know I had to try EVERY link at least once.  <G> Boy, I'm glad I did!  Only died 12 times (faced with an angry vampire: "Am I about to die AGAIN?"),  got dirty looks from the librarians 6 or seven times, and ran off the people working at the computers on either side of me!  (And I will admit freely to going back and dying several more times in the more... enjoyable ways. <<<G>>>)  Boy, what a hoot!  You guys are the greatest!
Debbie Lopez what a game, i did it it made me scare.nice game but to hard many tmes did u try to solve this game huh????thank you for this game. i had fun!!
Silvia Maria Correa  

 That's it so far and given the body count in the morgue…. Well, I never said your chances were good! Bwhahahahaha!

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