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A Few Interesting Facts

Full Name: Nicholas Michael Kiriazis
Birthday: June 9
Birthplace: Madison, WI
Hails from: Port Jefferson, Long Island, NY
Favorite Food: Lasagna
Favorite Movie: "It changes all the time, but right now it's Carnal Knowledge."
Martial Status: Single!!!! (Yes, Jesus loves me!!)
When asked by SID if he would ever join the priesthood, Nick had this to say: "Are you kidding?!"

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You were expecting Zorro, maybe?

Nick Kiriazis originated the role of Father Antonio Torres on February 6th, 1998. ~ Father Fit, Padre, Mr. Collar, whatever you call him, you gotta love that face of Father Antonio! I'm back from Kentucky- it was so much fun!! I met the living American legend of TBred horseracing, Cigar!! I can't wait to get my pix developed!! :~D Bye-bye, now, and May You See Your Love at Sunset!!!

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