Last Updated JANUARY 1, 2000


Y&R Rumor Has It (by Bobb)

January 3 - 7, 2000


  • It will be a VERY long road back for Victor and Nikki(in Bill Bell language that means at least a year maybe more)

  • Chris and Paul are headed for trouble

  • Victor and Nick continue to clash

  • The coffeehouse becomes an even greater conflict between Victor and Nick. Nick may also soon have other major battles to face.

  • Billy is hiding feelings for Mackenzie. His emotional confusion leads to much acting out. He hangs with a different wilder crowd, which may lead to a great crisis in his life.

  • Rumors are flying that when Victor returns and he and Nikki finally hook up, they will work things out,and get back together. won't last long!!! Once things look as though they are back on track Nikki learns that she is PREGNANT! (Be careful what you wish for…..)

  • Jill and Brittany bond, and being the mother from hell, watch for Jill to try to push Billy into a relationship with Brittany. Sounds like Brittany is as coniving as Jill

  • Callie will finally make contact with her Trey Stark, her husband. Callie wants a divorce,but Trey naturally will refuse to give her one. Will Malcolm be willing to forgive her for deceiving him? This will have to come out, because according to John Silva, since Trey is out of state, it could take up to a year.

  • The rumors of yet another catfight between Diane and Nikki still exist..and they still say that this catfight will put the other one to shame

  • Ryan turns to Nina after his marriage fails, but she doesn't have a lot of time to devote to him due to her constant growing interest and infatuation in Tomas.

  • Nina's future will be impacted by Tomas's past.

  • Watch for the "change" in Christine early in the year and it will cause problems in her marriage to the FlatFoot.

  • Christine, super-lawyer, quits her job at Legal Aid and begins work at Newman Enterprises. This is a first step in Christine's transformation

  • Chris longs for bigger challenges which may link her with the most unexpected bedfellows and bring conflict into her relationship with Paul

  • Someone will use Victor's swimmers. Who will it be?

  • Malcom and Callie do NOT get married.

  • A fan favorite returns to Genoa City next year. The rumor is that it will be Michael Damian (Danny Romalotti)

  • The involvement of Mac and Billy will intensify the problems between Katherine and Jill.

  • Amanda, Mac's mother, shows up in Genoa City in February

  • Who will be the one to rescue Victoria once she comes face to face with her stalker? The encounter is suppose to change Victoria's life forever.

  • Upon learning that Nikki has gone to spaghetti land with Brad, as predicted, Victor cries on Ashley's shoulder. Her leaving Victor was one of her biggest mistakes she says

  • Nikki just can't get Victor out of her system and this leaves Brad frustrated.

  • Scaron sleeps with Cody throwing her marriage back to the rocks. What goes around, comes around. Will Nick be as forgiving, finally, as Scaron was?

  • Victor and Jack continue to have problems.

  • Trasha's manipulations manage to ruin her relationship with Megan, who will leave town in the earlier part of next year.

  • It is rumored that Tricia will kill Tony, either on purpose or accident, causing his death (and reported violent exit from the show).


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