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Hi! and Welcome to my Michael J. Fox Page! I've adored Michjael since--you guessed it!!--Back to the Future. Actually, I liked the entire series. After watching that, I'll watch anything if it has his name on it! He's just such a fabulous actor, though I wasn't keen on that Family Ties series he was in. I simply didn't like his character. But since I liked Michael, I watched it. Michael started acting at the early age of 15 (I think. I'll check on this, so in the meantime please don't sue me. I don't have ny money to give you.) Michael starred with Michael Douglas in the romantic comedy, The American President. I liked htis guy he played. he was cool. For a politician. (anyone who knows me knows I'm not big on politics.) This page will have pix, links a filmograpy, bio, and anything else I dig up that seems to be appropriate for this page. in the mean time, you can Email me Re: any mike questions or comments. I know this page is small now, but I have a whole lot to do and promise I'll get back to it ASAP.

Coming soon! Michael sings Johnny B Goode!!!!! (The file is large so it may take a few minutes to download.)

Parkinson's Disease limits Michael's movement, but not his personality! Although he is no longer Deputy mike in Spin City, he still takes center stage, giving a voice to the little mouse known as stuart little in both Stuart little movies! He also voiced Milo Thatch, the lead in Disney's animated Atlantis: the Lost Empire.

Stuart Little was released December 10, 1999

c/o his agent  Kevin I Iuvane
Creative Artists
9830 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA  90212

The Gallery is small, but it should suffice for now.

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Michaeljfox.org is Michael's ONLINE home! (If you decide to Emil him, tell him I said hello!)

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