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Hi! And Welcome to my Matthew McConaughey Page!! (This is, what my sisters and I refer to, as, a Killer Kindergarten Name.) Matthew has had several roles before I saw him in "A Time to Kill", where I first noticed him. He played Abe Lincoln (I'm not kidding about the name!) in a movie co-starring Whoopi Goldberg, and, I think, Drew Barrymore. He was the cop that turned his pregnant girlfriend in, because he wanted her punishment out of the way. He didn't want to spend the rest of their lives looking over their shoulders. (You really have to see this movie!) This page will have links and pix. But please give me time. (In case you haven't noticed by now, this is a different server! That means it may take a bit more time.)

Be Sure to check out edTV, his latest movie in a theater near you as of March 19! (the date i had posted earlier was my mistake,. i apologize for the inconveinience.)

Go See ED tv!!!!!

Get yur ticket, stand in line for whatever junk you eat at the theater, and get your booty in!!!! This move is really worth seeing! Matt is so adorable and so sexy at the sme time. However, I do not reccomend taking the kids (any one under 13) as it is rated PG-13 for profanity and situations suitible only for adults. Adults and teenagers, however, will love this movie!! It's about a guy who agrees to have his life filmed every minute of every day for an unspecified length of time. Well, he steals his brother's girlfriend, and after a while, the girl (Sherry) gets tired of being on tv. She never wanted to in the first place! So she dumps him. I guess I better not give away the end. (Dsd smiles) But promise me you'll go se it.

Well Shame on me! I forgot to link the links and pix pages!

U-571 Official site!
There's a relly good matt clip here!



just a few quick facts i picked up from the leno show: Matt drives a jag (he named it, but i can't remember the name) as well as wo other cars, he has an orange shirt/jacket he calls rusty, he has a fettish for naming things. (G) he also like to dance. one he does especially well at is oe that involves tickling ankles. (jay said it was just a glorified way to check out someone's rear end!)

you can now get your own matthew mcconaughey account! click here to join. i found out about it on my matt list.

people promise to go see ed tv. (by the wway, they've also seen my page)

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