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Frequently Asked Questions
The webmaster of this site is often asked certain questions. Below is a list of those questions and their answers.

Please note  that the webmaster does not purport to be an authority on Hill Street Blues, or the actors associated with the series. The information contained in this site is accurate to the best of her knowledge. However, should you notice an inaccuracy, please feel free to point it out via an email, but please  be prepared to show proof that it is wrong and provide the correct fact, figure, or whatever.


What city is "Hill Street Blues" set in?
Are "HSB" re-runs airing somewhere I can watch them?
Where can I buy "HSB" merchandise?
Are "HSB" episodes available for purhase?
Is there going to be a "HSB" reunion show?


What city is "Hill Street Blues" set in?
I am probably asked this question more than any other, so here is the answer for all to see: The city where "HSB" is set is never mentioned by name in the series, however, most of the exterior shots of the city were done in Chicago (much like "ER" does now). The Hill Street station house is actually the real Maxwell Street station in the Windy City. A visitor to the site (thanks, Mike) emailed me and said the Maxwell station house has been decommissioned by the Chicago Police and is now used by the University of Illinois Chicago Circle Campus as their headquarters.

Are "HSB" re-runs airing somewhere I can watch them?
As of Dec. 6, 2001, here's what I know:
It looks as though "HSB" will join the lineup at Bravo, beginning Dec. 31 with a three episode marathon at 2 p.m. CST, and looks as though it possibly will then find a home in the 6 p.m. CST time slot on a Monday-Friday basis. I gathered this information from the Bravo site, but I'm not sure the show will become a fixture on their schedule, so keep a check out there.
Up until last year, the show enjoyed a stint on TV Land. That network sometimes brings shows back after a hiatus of sorts, so keep an eye out for it to return to their lineup in the future. You never know.

Where can I buy "HSB" merchandise?
I am unaware of any outlet that sells "HSB" merchandise, outside of videos -- see next answer for more information on this -- and a company that lists a Hill Street Precinct patch for sale at its Web site. Here's the link, please consult them for availability: http://www.nic-inc.com/product2/e212.htm. Please read the disclaimer below before purchasing.

Are "HSB" episodes available for purhase?
Once upon a time, Columbia House Video club was selling "HSB" episodes. They still have it listed there under the TV Greats section at their Web site (as of Dec. 6, 2001), but an inquiry to their customer service department netted the following answer:

Unfortunately, the following series is not available
at this time.  Since we continually add new selections
to our inventory, please watch future advertisements
for this series.

However, Amazon.com lists "The Very Best of Hill Street Blues," a four tape set that features seven episodes, for purchase. Click the image at right to learn more, but please read the disclaimer below before purchasing.

Is there going to be a "HSB" reunion show?
I have no idea. There was some sort of photo shoot a while back with a large number of the former cast members (I think for a TV Guide issue), but to my knowledge there are no plans to film a reunion tv movie/episode of any sort. Should you hear otherwise, I obviously would be interested in knowing.

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