The insanity! The stupidity! The uncorrect grammer-ity!


Listen to me welcome you to my site!Just what it says. Now that I've figured out why my mic wasn't working and it's fixed, you can listen to me welcome you to my site in my own wonderful voice. (Hey, it could be worse. I could sing it for ya.) On my computer it's kinda low and scratchy, but my computer does suck ass.If you can't hear it, try turning the volume up. Or something. Ok, I'll stop wasting space now.

A notice

I've taken "Sucks to be You" off the site. It's gone. Forever. There's a whole reason, but I don't want to post it here. If you really want to you can e-mail me and I'll tell you my reason, but that's the only way I'll let anyone know. Sorry if this upsets anyone, but I feel I have to do this. I hope to write a differant intro fic for Kathleen. You may go on living now. *grin*


12-18-00: Holy shist, I am alive! Well, not alot to report, sorry. Things are kinda dead in the SP community anyway...

Welp, for what I do have...I have two new fanarts. Well, it's acctually just the same pic done two differant ways. Go, get your ass on over here to read the description and check'em out. I also have a new character to add to the survey-thingie, which I'll be adding in the next few days, because I have HW to do now. :\

My B-day was the 15th. Didn't get too much, I didn't have a party this year so, eh. Now I just have to get my Christmas shopping done & I'm set for the holidays.

Until then, um...see-ya!

A fun little thing if you have a fanfic character! I thought it'd be cool to have a fic where it was basically an e-mail survey filled out by the kids. But then I realized that just having the boys and Kathleen would be kinda…boring. So, I'm letting anyone with a fanfic character get involved! Click the link up there, and you'll go to an info page telling you about this in more detail. Basically, your character fills out the survey, and then it's added to the others! Fun, right?

Look at my pretty image map!

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