A Tale of Two Muses
Xena and Gabrielle through the artist's eye.
An Introduction
While most fans of the televison program, Xena: Warrior Princess, believe that the creators of the show have taken huge liberties in re-writing history, nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, there has been a concentrated, and mostly successful, effort on the part of our patriarchal society to completely obliterate all historical references to the TRUE adventures of Xena and Gabrielle.  This massive conspiracy to cover up the monumental contributions of these two women has been going on for centuries.  Besides the early 1990s discovery of the infamous Xena Scrolls, no other proof of the existence of these extraordinary women has surfaced...  Until now. 

Upon the recent passing of world-renowned art curator, Gustaf der Scheissekopf, his private collection of uncensored journals and artworks, passed down from generation to generation, was finally revealed to the outside world.  And what a revelation it was.

It should come as no surprise that the great artists of the past and present are more attuned with the inner workings of the universe than your average Joe or Jill. However, what
will come as a surprise is the closely guarded secret that all artists possess...  The knowledge that Xena, warrior princess of Amphipolis, and Gabrielle, bard of Poteidaia, were actual living human beings.  The supposedly fictional characters that we have seen on televison are, in fact, based on truth, while the male-centric world history that we have been force-fed since birth is, in actuality, one stupendous lie.  While the master artists have battled valiantly to portray these two women in their work, their efforts have been no match for the heinous witch hunt that has come to follow.  So omnipotent and nefarious is the unnamed dark force of censorship, thousands of great works of art have been destroyed in an effort to eliminate any reference to these pre-eminent historical figures. 

Around the time of the 13th Century Italian Renaissance, most artists began producing two copies of their work; one as they intended it to be, and one, sans Xena and Gabrielle, for public consumption.  A sort of 'underground railroad' was formed in Florence by art patron Paolo Mentire to insure the presevation of the true masterworks.  The tradition of producing two works of art has carried over into our time and has just now been revealed in the journals and collection of the der Scheissekopf family. 

We are honored to present a few of these masterworks here and we are dedicated to reviving the long-squelched history of the REAL Xena and Gabrielle.
THE FIFTH AMENDMENT: A fanfic by godconnie & Mezzo
posted April 11, 2002
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