Welcome to Cats Lair! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats Hooo!!! I, Lord Lion-O, welcome you to my home. Stay as long as you like. Enjoy!!

ATTENTION!!: This will not really be my main site anymore. I will be concentrating more on updating My SM Site. But, I still want Thundercats to live forever!!

ANNOUNCEMENT!: The Midnight Run, on Toonami, is having T-Cats on it!!! Now how cool is that?!! Very cool. It's on at 2:45 - 3:15 A.M. every Saturday!! Not exactly the most conveniant time, but hey, ya can always tape it!! :) THUNDERCATS HOOO!!!

Welcome to Cats Lair!

We are the Thundercats. We are glad you came to visit us. Perhaps you shall join us. We welcome you to stay as long as you wish.

My name is Lion-O. I am Lord of the Thundercats.
I welcome you to Third Earth, and invite you to join us here at Cats Lair.

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Members of Thundercats Ho
Member Name E-mail Rank Where They're From Weapon(s)
Lion-O sleib@sprynet.com *NA* - Leader of the club Thundara The Mighty Sword of Omens
Kreeya megan_luv@yahoo.com Stranger 2 pts Thundara Wizard Staff & Sling
Mya meg_takpb@yahoo.com Stranger 2 pts First Earth Staff
Cheetara sleib@sprynet.com Guest 9 pts Thundara Extendable Staff
Ninya BlueBirdd1@aol.com Kitten 1 T-Cat Medal, 2 pts (12 pts) First Earth Stand Back! I need no weapons!

ATTENTION!!: I will no longer be accepting members!! I do not have time right now. Sorry.

Ranking System

10 points (pts) = 1 Thundercat Medal of Honor (T-Cat Medal)
5 Thundercat Medal of Honors (T-Cat Medals) = 1 Sword of Omens (SoO)
3 Sword of Omens (SoO) = 1 Cats Symbol

Stranger = 0-5 pts
Guest = 5 pts-1 T-Cat Medal
Kitten = 1 T-Cat Medal-1 T-Cat Medal & 5 pts
Cat = 1 T-Cat Medal & 5 pts-2 T-Cat Medals & 5 pts
Thunderkitten = 2 T-Cat Medals & 5 pts-3 T-Cat Medals & 5 pts
Thundercat-In-Training = 3 T-Cat Medals & 5 pts-4 T-Cat Medals & 5 pts
Thundercat = 4 T-Cat Medals & 5 pts-1 SoO & 2 T-Cat Medals
Top Thundercat = 1 SoO & 2 T-Cat Medals-1 SoO & 4 T-Cat Medals & 5 pts
Lord of the Thundecats = 1 SoO & 4 T-Cat Medals & 5 pts-2 SoO & 3 T-Cat Medals
Ruler of Third Earth = 2 SoO & 3 T-Cat Medals-3 SoO & 2 T-Cat Medals & 5 pts
Ruler of New Thundara = 3 SoO & 2 T-Cat Medals & 5 pts-5 SoO
Ruler of the Thundercat Universe = Anything higher than 5 SoO

Writing a Thundercats Fanfic - 5-10 pts
Getting 5 game points in the THUNDERCATS TRIVIA GAME - 3 pts
Joining the trivia game - 2 pts
Sending in a contest entry - 5 pts
Winning a contest - 15 pts (1 T-Cat Medal & 5 pts)
Sending in a description of an episode for the episode guide - 5 pts
Sending in a movie from part of an episode. - 1 T-Cat Medal
Sending in pictures - 3 pts for each pic
Sending in sounds - 5 pts
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Identifying Big Cats - 2 pts per cat
Sending in a character description - 5 pts

Please stay with the Thundercats, here at Cats Lair, as long as you want, and bookmark this page, so you can come back, and visit us again!!

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Thanks for visiting us. Please come back soon!
~Lion-O, Lord of the Thundercats


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