I have many Doctor Who related pages located on the web. Perhaps too many. To aid
navigation you can use this page to go between them and to jump to Doctor Who related material on pages that deal with other series.

There are many pages of Doctor Who reviews, some funny, some serious, some long, some not.
New reviews are added all the time

Click here to read reviews of the first two Doctors, William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton

Click here for reviews of Jon Pertwee's stories (1970-74)

Click here for reviews of Tom Baker's stories (1975-81)

Click here for reviews of Peter Davison's stories (1982-84)

Click here for reviews of stories featuring Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy (1984-89)
also features a review of the Telemovie starring Paul McGann

Click here for Planet of the Sh*t-St*rrers

Contains a Doctor Who episode guide

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