Hi I'm TaraAnyaKate4eva. See something in Sunnydale you fancy? Then keep it!! Please come back soon and see the updates. Rules: You may keep up to four items right now. I might change that rule later on. There is no co-sharing. Dont keep anything from the bronze...it has its own site.. But you can keep anything else. You can keep a building, one of the 42 graveyards, and a tree you saw in a park. Anything you find around Sunnydale you can keep here!! Be sure to look at the ArchAngel's Keeping tips. And make sure what you are requesting has not already be requested!


ATTENTION: I now am excepting requsts for the new and Old sunnydale High school. All the previous claims were lost so if you have had a request granted by the previous person please tell me so i dont grant anyone your keep.

Now accepting requests for season 6! Come on people get creative! There have been tons of Alley ways and stuff!!

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Claim your item by e-mailing me or using the form!! Remember Be creative. The more creative you are the more likely you are to get it!! Last Updated: February 7th, 2002

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