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Christy McBride

Hey all who have click here I guess you want to know about me. Well, here goes I am a 26 year old female. I have gone to college at Emporia State University in Kansas. I was a accounting major. I hope to some day finish this. I also gone to college at Kansas State University Salina not enrolled at this time as to not having a perment job. I am looking for working as a Certified nurses aide or whatever else I am qualified to do. I am living at home until I find work and can afford to live on my own. In May of 99 I got a 1999 Honda Civic si. Of which I sold when I lost my job But i would love to have this car back it is great. Now i have a 1986 Ford Bronco II that is ok but not anything like my honda. I have a shih tzu dog named Charlie look here to see what he looks like and info about him.

This is my favorite picture of myself. It was taken in 1995 and it is one of my senior pictures. Actually my parents have this picture for the wall. When ever they get the wall finish and put things on them.

Here are some more pictures for you to view if you would like. They are of me.

Last updated June 26,2003

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