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Be sure to catch Marty on MTV's "The Lyricist's Lounge", catch Julene on FoxFam's "Random Acts of comedy" (if it's still on, I'm not sure- I've been really busy).
  • Major question to everybody. - Did anybody else catch the AMA's in January and catch N'SYNC's performance? If so was Ivan one of the dancers hanging on the puppet strings? There was a blond guy who resembled Ivan, but they never zoomed in close enough for me to be sure enough to say it was. I have this on Tape, and I'd love to add it to this list if I find out for sure.

  • Also anybody who might have the original wording and style setup in their backup internet files could you please send me a copy via E-Mail as it got deleted from my system and geocities. So I have to start over by scratch and hate most of this look now. thank you in advance if you can help.


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    Hello and welcome to my Roundhouse/Newsies/IvanDudynsky shrine page. I loved watching the show Roundhouse on Nickelodeon back in the early nineties. It's style was unlike any other shows on, but I have to admit it. I trully didn't get into watching it until the very end of 1993. One night I was watching and fell in love with the "Snow White" Blonde haired kid named Ivan Dudynsky and I was hooked. This kid could DaNCe, and act really well.

    Then one night I was looking through some old "Disney Channel" magazines and came across something very interesting, a NEWSIES group photo and small writeup from before it hit theatres. Upon looking closely at it I noticed the cute blonde Ivan, then another one resembling David Sidoni, then Dominic, and finally Mark David. So I quickly grabbed my Newsies tape to check to make sure my eyes weren't just playing tricks on me, but they were really in the movie...I had watched it before but had never really payed attention to anybody besides Max Casella or David Moscow. Then I was hooked on this movie, the singing, the dancing and even the story lines got me hooked.

    Finally Summer of 1998 I got a computer and the internet. Well one night playing around in search engines, I decided to try something. I typed in "Ivan Dudynsky", expecting to come up with nothing, but I was wrong- totally wrong. Then I tried "Newsies" once again expecting nothing, yet once again the net proved me wrong. I was glad to see that i'm not the only Roundhouse, Newsies, and Ivan Dudynsky freak (In a good way you know LOL) out there.

    This last summer about six or seven more sites devoted to Roundhouse and Ivan have opened up too, just proving how much effect this one little Nickelodeon show and this cute blonde guy had on the world before it left the American Televsion airwaves back in 1995.

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    I lost the original and correct link to the HTML for this, does anybody know the address with the correct HTML for the webring? Or is it correct??


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