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Pokémon (pronounced Po-kay-mohn) is a story about a boy who, with his two friends and first Pokémon Pikachu, sets out to become the best Pokémon trainer in the world! And what’s an adventure without villains determined to stop out heroes at every turn? Team Rocket captures rare Pokémon to sell and make a fortune, and Pikachu’s first on the list! Fortunately, they’re not the brightest of bad-guys, and it shows in their attempts.

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Pokémon: The Show

Character Bios., Episode Synopsis, Ash's Pokédex, Who's That Pokémon?, Pokérap, 2.B.A. Master CD/Pikachu's Jukebox, Quotes, Sounds, The Lost Episodes

Pokémon: The Creatures

150 Pokémon, Pokémon Dare, Evolutions

Pokémon Merchandise

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My Pokémon Stuff

Fanfiction, Articuno Shrine, Win my Fantasy Badge, Adoptions, My Other Pages

Miscellaneous Pokémon Stuff

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