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Hi, My name is glasswrks

Well, here I am. I thought I'd let you know that this site will be a place to read fan fiction based on the characters from Buffy,The Vampire Slayer.

I hope to place a story that I'm writing here very shortly. I'm not sure if it will be the ONLY story here.. BUT, I've placed a link where you can find other stories based on the characters from the show. You'll have to "click" on the link, and NOT the picture to get to "The Labyrinth". Sorry about that, I'm still getting used to the "Html"-ing.

It's Saturday, Dec. 12th, 1998
Do you know where your link is?
Sorry.. bad pun, anyway, as you can see below, I believe I've finally figured out the problem about "Clicking" on the Labyrinth picture to link you to the site. Hooray for me!!!

I'm still going to leave both links up.. in case it doesn't work for some reason or other.
I hope you'll take a look see... I've enjoyed MANY stories at that site, I think you will too.
Bye for now...(waving good-bye)


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E-mail me at in the meantime.
Please come back soon and visit me.

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