Hello my CHAT name is ~K Lola~.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I love life...and fun. I am a Canadian female. I am 5'5-1/2", light golden brown long hair and I have bright blue eyes. And I am 42 years young ( I hate updating this portion of the page *S* ).

I live in Northern Ontario. I am a Graphic Artist/Advertising by trade. Giving Telecommunications a try! *S*. If I call you up and recognize your name you have to buy the program and chat with me, please!!

My interests are my computer "A MAC" and cross stitching (the more challenging the better - I especially love to stitch Marty Bell Old English Cottages)- actually I dabble in all crafts...anything to keep me busy. I love and believe in Angels and everything to do with them, and Wolves - the mystery and intrique! I enjoy camping and the great outdoors and I love animals especially my new kitty, Kallie!!!! (anything cuddly - not slimey or a rodent *ewww*). I listen to country music - mainly, light rock and the oldies are great too! I also love BACH (thanks to a friend who turned me on to the CLASSICS, again)

My favorite colours are hunter green and burgundy to decorate with. (My apartment will prove that)....... To wear would have to be chartruese(solid bright colours), black or blue.

Favourite TV shows are Everybody Loves Raymond, King of Queens (most comedies), 7th Heaven, ER, Iron Chef, Third Watch, Trading Spaces, Martha Stewart (although the TV is rarely on).....and I like home improvement shows like This Old House, and Debbie Travis, etc. and I enjoy watching the Life, Food and HGTV Networks - even though I don't garden or cook (much)

I love to travel and I LOVE driving...especially my car...a Grand Am GT...

DO NOT invite me somewhere..if you DO NOT intend on me showing up someday!! (with notice of course- and money in my pocket!)

I am also DEDICATED ~ not addicted ~ to chatting in HCU
(the Hawaii Chat Universe) ~ link below!

I have many friends there...special mentions are bobby kbear(bobby) (my sweetie), babycakes, tim , suzie and Nomad, 1981, PENE, bookwoman and counselor, frederica, Northern Lights, downunder, luscious locks, Lady Justice, Drifter, Indian Outlaw, Splendid(m), p.kitty, TAnnie & Troll, Laula, Susan, ice, Froggie, PMan, Sweet Madame Blue, m@c@d@mi@, PicChik, Sleepless *he's back!!*, genuinesmiles, restlesslady, Mellow Yellow, NightHawk, WENdy, EASYRIDER, Shania, RECKLESS DAUGHTER, Junco Partner, daisy mae and sportster, shanna, Solace, SKY & Wayfarer, marshmello and SSSSnake, Nails(Skye), Purple Haze, Jennifer, Mrs. Piko, Sweet&Sassy, Mrs. Piko, Matt and many....many.... more that I have probably forgotten...I am sure they will advise me that I have forgotten to list their names.

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Valentine's Day Roses-February 2000

October 99-Bobby and I-Crystal Falls hike

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