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Trek Humor

Okay, so your appetite for Star Trek humor has been whetted, but you just can't get enough at this site?  Here's a few suggestions for additional fixes.

William Shatner Humor

Please don't get me wrong.  I have nothing but the deepest regard for William Shatner and his portrayal of James T. Kirk.  So much so, that I believe he is a big enough guy to take being parodied in good grace.  But...even if I'm wrong about that, these sites are still funny!

The William Shatner Acting Simulator - By hecklers online.  Requires shockwave plug-in.

The Captain James T. Kirk Sing Along Site - Uhura, Spock, and Data have a go as well.  You'll have to download "Real Player" to listen to the "singing"--but it's free, it's easy, and ooohh boy, it IS funny!

The James T. Kirk Macarena Page - He not only sings, he dances too!  And to his own tune!

Poke William Shatner - 'Nuff said! Try it.  It's definitely good for a laugh!

Punch Captain Kirk - A higher-tech version of the above.  Poor Bill!  We love him, but we do love to make fun of him!

NEW!The Captain Kirk Page - Just to prove I'm not biased against James T., here's a site devoted to his worship, which makes fun of everyone else.  Don't miss "Pinch Picard"!  ;-D


Plugs for the competition :-)

NEW!  Neelix's News - Yvonne Harrison's delightful parodies in the form of a newsletter by our very own favorite cook and morale officer.

 Adventures of the U.S.S. Psycho -  "...stories of a fictional nature detailing the exploits of one of Starfleet's lesser-known crews, the crew of the Federation Starship Psycho. To be honest with you, this crew aren't exactly Starfleet's finest. In fact they're not very good at all..."

Assimilate This! -  "The Star Trek Comedy and Humor Writing Page: To boldly go where no one ever cared to go before."

Star Traks - "Star Traks chronicles the voyages of the Starship Secondprize, a ship crewed by Starfleet rejects and untried crewmen. Luckily, their missions are as strange as they are."

Peter Anspach's Star Trek Parody Page - "...a series of parodies, each of which attempts to answer the deep philosophical question: "How would Starfleet'sfinest go about the task of changing a light bulb?"  Highly recommended by this site maintainer!

Star Trek Voyager, The Happy Face Generation - Five stars for the most creative use of emoticons!

The Slightly Warped Star Trek Page - An archive of parodies for all four Star Trek series.  Recently updated with many new stories.

The Star Trek Creative Area - Many goodies to be found there, including Victor Wong's 'PythonTrek series (also archived on this site), as well as another MUST READ Star Trek Humor series, 'The Door Repair Guy'

Seuss Trek -  Written by Dave Fuller, illustrated by Marissa Anderson (T'Mara).  What can I say: a CLASSIC.  And be sure to check out 'Gilligan's Voyager' too!

Mistings Story Archive - An archive of story MiSTings (parodies written in the style of 'Mystery Science Theater 3000').  There are headings for misted fanfic of all genres, including all 4 Star Trek series.  There's even a misting of the PythonTrek parody, 'The Borg Who Say Ni'.  There are even mistings of mistings...

The Federation Foil - The Federation's own tabloid newspaper.  Interviews by Morn, "page 3 girls", and more...

Star Tricked: the Next Perpetration - Original Star Trek Parodies in radio script format.  EXCELLENT!

Star Trek and the Road Runner - Kirk and Spock run into a fascinating new alien creature.

Targ TV - Presenting a full schedule of fine Klingon programming.  Don't miss: "The K Files", featuring K'Skully and Muldar; "Mr. K'Odgers' Engine Room", or (my favorite ;->) the "Institute of Training Videos".


Borg Jokes -  The Nitpickers guild page of Borg jokes.

Starfleet Supply's Humor Page - The humor page of the Starfleet Supply website.  Fabulous grafics.

Shatnervision - No, it's not a misfiled William Shatner Humor site, but "Statistics, Lists, Questions, Trivia and general bollocks" about Star Trek and other TV shows and movies.

Dar's Star Trek Vault - A large, multi-purpose Star Trek site.  Features a HUGE collection of Trek jokes, as well as humor links.

Just Plain...Weird

Satan Trek - Is it cutting-edge satire, a tasteless (at best) diatribe against our favorite TV shows, a stunning demonstration of the power of the 1st amendment to the U.S. constitution, or...the ravings of a total lunatic?  What do YOU think?  WARNING: judging by the guestbook, about half the visitors to the Satan Trek site have been mortally offended.  The rest have laughed hysterically.  Not for the faint of heart or easily upset.

Hair Trek - The bun may be gone from our TV screens, but it will live forever on this very clever web site.

The Borg of Heaven - "A look at the Biblical description of heaven compared with Star Trek's Borg."  Really.  Quite interesting.

Tom & GoatA site for those who don't care for the Paris/Torres relationship.  Kinda defies explanation, you'll just have surf on over and check it out.

Ask Mr. Spock - Forget about Dear Abby and Ann Landers, get some logical advice from Star Trek's own agony advisor.

Fashion Voyager - "Voyager Girl's analysis of fashion and style on Star Trek: Voyager.  It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it."

The Useless Star Trek Page - Links to...well, useless Star Trek sites.

The 47s Page - A website dedicated to recording sightings of the number 47, as well as any permutations of that number, in all Trek shows and movies.  Really.  I'm not kidding.  The question is: are they?

Cartoons and Images

NEW!Nitscrape's Supertastic Creations - A portfolio of cartoons--check out thumbnails number 8 and 9!

Episode 2001: Martha Stewart's Stellar Galactic Tribute to Star Trek  -  "Boldly go where no one (other than Martha Stewart) has gone before."  Believe it or not, I was looking for a recipe when I ran across this site...

Sapringer Central - "Stone Trek", "Lost in Trek", "The Treksons", "Sea Trek", "Trek Rats" and more!   Highly recommented by this site maintainer!!

You Can't Do That On Trek! - An archive of photoshop-edited images and original cartoons.  These are beautifully done, and VERY funny.

Sev Trek  Award-winning Trek cartoon series.

 Star Trek, The Cartoon Generation - Taz, Winnie the Pooh, and Pinky and the Brain all make special appearances.

Monty Python

Fancy trying your hand at some PythonTrek of your own?  Need some inspiration?  Can't remember the words to the original 'Argument Sketch'?  Forgot the tune for 'The Lumberjack Song'?  Here's a couple of sites to get you started...

 Babylon Five's Flying Circus - Bab 5 gets Pythonized, proving (as if we needed proof) that science fiction and Python go together like...spam and eggs...spam and baked beans...spam and spam...

Monty Python's Completely Useless Web Site - This site belongs to Adam Fogg, who graciously allowed me to raid his collection for the Python images which decorate these pages.

Monty Python Heaven - The largest collection of Python images and sounds I've run across.


NEW! Want to write a Star Trek parody of your own, but cam't think of a plot?  Try one of these plot generators: Star Trek Plot, Star Trek TNG plot generator, Planet Riker.

NEW!  Travis Latke's Galaxy Quest Vaults - See the movie, buy the video, visit the website.  Any questions?

Ani-grams: The Starfleet Dictionary - Antimated anagrams.

seti at home- Use your home computer to help in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

Meet Elmo - The PythonTrek web site's cyber mascot.

Tommy Escondido's Alien Fonts Page - The source of all the Star Trek fonts I used in creating the title gifs for these pages.

matildaMatilda USA web search engine.  Very useful.

Open Directory Search Engine - "Humans do it better"

   Trek-specific search engine.  Rate Star Trek sites.

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[Star Trek Nexus]

Star Trek: www

bad guys of trek

Starship Scandals



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