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Star Trek, The Original Series

Jungle Kitty

Scandal in the Skankiverse-  "This story concerns a meeting between the two most repulsive females ever encountered by Our Gallant Heroes in Gold and Blue."

Murder in the Skankiverse-  The logical sequel to "Scandal in the Skankiverse."

For more of Jungle Kitty's stories, visit her lair.

Rob Morris

The Princess Crewman; Part 1 - TOS meets Thundercats.

TOS Remix Series - Classic Trek with  a twist...

TOS Limericks - A page of collected limericks, all started off by T'Reija's mindsnortingly funny, "Spock the Rock".  Just to get you in the mood, here's my little disclaimer:

The Next generation

Lord Eccles
Bev's Revenge, or NOW I Know How You Feel-  '"I think," she said to herself "that it is time. All those bastards! I'll show them what it's like! Oooh, will I! Computer, bring up the Masculus Menstruarite file."'


Seinfeld Trek: The Tarkalian Brandy -  Jerry's the captain, Elaine's manning tactical, and George is busy on the holodeck.

Jay Seals (nightshadow)

A Starfleet Officer's Field Guide to First Contact - Helpful tips for dealing with those pesky aliens.

.., A Little Foundation Before the Rouge... -  Parts 1-8.  Jay's riff on an unfortunate typo by Pocket Books...   This story is as yet unfinished, so I hope everyone will pester Jay mercilessly until he completes it :-P

.., A Little Foundation Before the Rouge...  -  Parts 9-10

Wanna see more of Jay's work?  Check out his web site, Nightshade.

Phineas Bog

Star Trek: Insufficient - Go on--admit it.  Weren't you just a *little* disappointed in the latest Star Trek movie?  This is the story for you!.


Here Kitty - "Three of the Enterprise crew get together in a nefarious plot to deal with Spot, Data's beloved pet cat. Will they succeed?"

Pens Nest

The Educated Pig - The away team...doesn't get it.  And the pig?  I just wish everyone had such good manners.  Need help translating?  Click HERE.  Ave hay un fay!
Mad About You, Klingon Style (Parts 1-3) -  "Worf, Deanna and the gang live the lives of Paul and Jamie and the gang from Mad About You, with Tapestry Saga characters making a few cameos."  It's no less funny for being incomplete, but everyone should write to Unzadi and BEG her to write more!


That Which Does Not Kill Me by Angst Person (Age 15) - "The crew of the Enterprise get angst in their pants."

Deep Space Nine

R. John Burke
Felix's Tech Support"A short work of comedy, based on the DS9 episode 'Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang."'  Find more of John's Star Trek and Star Wars fan fiction at his website, The Kessel Run.


Deep Spuss Nine - The DS9 crew are all cats. Watch the fun begin!


Villains' Support Group - Dukat, Garak, Q, Sloan, Weyoun, Brunt, and company--including a few friends from the other shows--work out a few issues...

Laura Taylor

Showdown at the Dustville Corral -  Will Dustville fall to greedy land baron Elmer Duke, or will the wily gambler Caroline 'Cardsharp' Nordham and Duke former partner, Sheriff Bart Stephens, be able to stop him at high noon?  This one is unfinished, but it's a real treat as far as it goes.

The Monster in the Mirror - SesameTrek: Is Sisko scared of Gul Dukat? Wubba wubba wubba wubba woo woo woo...

The Jelly Putty Changeling Jamboree - More silliness from the mother of a preschooler. Hey, it's rerun season, who's going to complain?

Whiney, Scrawny Hirogen -   An adaptation of "Tawny Scrawny Lion".  "What's the way to a hungry Hirogen's heart?  Through his stomach, of course."

 Blue's Deep Space Nine Adventure (Parts 1-4) - "Quark's private stash of latinum is missing.  Can super-sleuth Steve Burns and his trusty puppy, Blue, find them?"  Sorry, but I'm afraid you'll have to use your own imagination to finish this one--but it's still great good fun!


 Playtime - "Kira's gonna find her a man... or two..."  There's an inside joke to this story, so if the reference in the penultimate line escaped HERE for a hint--and to meet the site's cuddly-cyber mascot (who is named after one of the main characters in this story ;-D)!

Monica Tully

The Colossal -"The U.S.S. Colossal, carrying passengers across the sector, is hit by a comet and destroyed. But before that happens, the despairing Kira Nerys, engaged to the dastardly Odo, is shown a new way of looking at things by a down on his luck Cardassian."

The Antiques Roadshow Goes to Bajor - A DS9/Antiques Roadshow crossover parody.

Rob Morris

Sisko Gets Mamed! - "No one's been murdered, but Angela Lansbury's presence can still be felt; No Anti-Matter--Just Auntie Mame. Can DS9 survive?"  Everyone on DS9 gets into the Christmas spirit--whether they want to or not.

Comes A Ferengi - "You Know Rom Has Been Watching Too Much 'Highlander' When..."

The Freak - "What Miles finds in the old MU he may not like--or he just might. A parody of the MU episodes, not of anybody or anything."

Worf's Warriors - "At times, The Dominion War could be quite wacky; Just look inside this Dominion Prison Camp."

Blazing Starships - "....Or Never Give A Spin-Off An Even Break."

Blazing Starships 2! - Because No One Demanded It! - "When we last left Captain Sisko, he had just successfully taken himself hostage to fend off a crowd of angry but dumb Bajorans; As we resume, we see Jean-Luc Picard, waiting in the office."

Blazing Starships 3! - The Ever Ending Saga - "As Commander Sisko settles in at DS9, his crew takes shape.  Despite this setback, he presses on.  Garak does pressing on the side. One bar of silver-pressed latinum and he'll press a whole closetful of Starfleet Uniforms.  Two bars and he'll keep your size quiet."  Now if I could just figure out what happend to "Blazing Starships 2"...

Men With Pasts - DS9 meets "Highlander."

Dukat in Hell - The words, "cruel and unusual punishment" spring to mind.  Even Dukat doesn't deserve such a fate...

Winn in Hell - A short sequel to "Dukat in Hell"

The Silence Of The Laws - Section 31 strikes again...

more stories by Rob Morris


Gavin Bond

The Trouble With Feces - "The crew of the Starship Goneforsure is plagued by a mysterious alien."  Well, what can you expect from an alien called "Gengrich", who represents his ailing species, the "K'raap"?

Yvonne Harrison

cheese    Well, It Depends... - "A visitor from the 20th Century lands aboard the USS Voyager and discovers that not only is Captain Janeway insane and the crew boring workaholics but no one has been to the bathroom in six years."

xmastree PRESS RELEASE: STAR TREK VOYAGER HALLMARK(tm) XMAS DECORATIONS - 1999.  "Today, Hallmark announced their new 1999 line of Star Trek themed Christmas Decorations.  This year focuses solely on the Voyager crew and new items are due to be shipped to the stores in time for December.  Todd Toddy Toddman of Hallmark design said they were particularly proud of this year's release as they featured many new innovations in toy and Christmas decoration technology."  Collection 1, Collection 2, Collection 3

Laura Michelle Hale

Cuukeeng Lessuns frum zee Swedish Chef - "The Swedish Chef from "Muppets Tonight" teaches Neelix how to cook trout and do other damage along the way."

Rob Morris

Ensign Stephens - (Voy-Crossover)  " Is Janeway dealing with an incompetent crewman---or a victim of circumstance?"

Delta Sloane - Section 31's finest pays Captain Janeway a little visit...  (Tip, especially if you're familiar with Rob's other "Sloane" stories, do NOT eat or drink while reading the end of this story )


The Cookie Conspiracy - "Even lost in the Delta Quadrant, the Girl Scouts will find you!"

Sr. Mary Kathryn

Earth Angel - "They are home.  Janeway is dead."  Paris finally convinced her that she couldn't be alive and dead at the same time, so therefore she must be dead.  Oops!  Wait!  Sorry, that's in Sasscat's story.  In this one, Janeway's dead, and Chakotay just can't get over it.  Maybe she died because Paris convinced her she was dead...  Never mind.  Just read this--but put a protective covering over your keyboard first!

Suz Voy

Barbie of Borg - (Voy) "Well the Trek merchandising department is at is again. In a desperate attempt to create yet more profit and to aid the CBS deal in its quest to fly Voyager's ratings sky high, a new toy has been developed."  And just in time for Christmas too!

The Ex-Borg's New Clothes - "The Doctor makes Seven some new 'clothes'...."

Suz's "Janeway in a Box Series" based on the "Earth Angel" universe created by Sr. Mary Kathryn:

 A Half-Klingon, A Talaxian, And A Frying Pan - "'May I enquire as to the function of the frying pan?'...'I would have thought that was obvious - we're going to fry something.'"  There's a bit of "language" in this one, but nothing I expect the average 13-year old hasn't heard before.  Still, consider yourself duly warned.

A Half-Klingon, Two Choir Boys, and A Vulcan - "Okay, which one of you buffoons had Chakotay duty?"

A Miniature Tractor Beam And A Bottle Of Lubricant -  "It wasn't difficult at all to get Chakotay back to the ship.  ...Getting him off the coffin was another matter entirely."

Denial And Drag Racing - "Tuvok, can you come to Chakotay's quarters? There's a bit of a situation here. Oh, and you'd better bring the Doctor as well. And some sacrificial security officers."

How Tom Used EM's Cold Medicine To Save The Day!!! - A sequel to "Earth Angel", and so (according to Suz Voy herself!) "is quite disturbed."

Laura Taylor

The Monster in the Mirror--Voyager version - What does any respectable monster want?

The Longest Ride - Captain Janeway finds herself embarrassed due to someone else's...indiscretion.

Sasscat Bu-to-y

Five Rude Lizard Persons - Ever wondered what happened to the "offspring"  left behind at the end of "Threshold"?

Schrodinger's Kitchen - "You know you've been watching too much Star Trek when
you're re-watching Elogium, notice them go into the mess hall on deck six, and think 'Wasn't the mess room on deck two in Learning Curve?'.  Then when you're watching Threshold (again) and realise that they couldn't get a pattern lock on Paris because he was in two places, not because of the mutation...."

Schrodinger's Cargo Bay - The breathlessly awaited sequel to 'Schrodinger's Kitchen' (and well worth the wait too!).  Paris tries to convince Janeway that she is, in fact, dead.

Sasscat's Voyager Fairy Tales
(The Brothers Grimm were never like this!)

1. Little Kes Riding Hood - Little Kes Riding Hood prepares to take a basket of goodies to the captain, but some people have other plans for her...

2. The Boy Who Cried Borg - Paris finds a new way to get dates, but is it as foolproof as it seems?

3. The Three Crewmembers Gruff - Voyager wants to cross a shipping lane, but there's a Kazon ship behind a nearby planet with other ideas.

4. Voyager's New Cloak - Some aliens offer Janeway a cloaking device, but is everything as it seems?

5. The Borg and the Sun - Seven of Nine and B'Elanna Torres get into an argument, and decide to settle things the old-fashioned way... through seduction.

6. Goldilocks and the Three Chicks - 'Goldilocks' sneaks into the house of the Three Chicks while they're out on their daily walk, but they arrive home early and he
must try and get out unseen...

The unofficial MSTed version of "Goldilocks and the Three Chicks" - Commentary by Melanie.

The Liberty and the Voyager - Un-numbered parable, taking place in an alternate universe.

And personally...I can't wait until Sasscat finishes story number 7: 'Seven and the White Dwarfs'!

Combined series

Hollow Pursuits - "The women in Trek meet at the Dairy Queen across from Paramount studios after a long day of shooting and convention appearances."  The conversion wanders from acting to viruses  "Hollow Pursuits" is the first in a series of "Women of Trek" stories, the rest of which can be found on the alt.startrek.creative news group, and  Domjotter's own website.  I highly recommend you check it out!

Rob Morris

Lost Footage from ST:TAS - Star Trek parody goes antimated

Kombat Trek - Starring Liu Kirk, Vulcan (god of thunder and logic), Jean Luc Cage, get the idea :-D

more stories by Rob Morris

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