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NEW STUFF! Our collection of 'great' literature. And we use the word 'art' in its most generous sense. The Loony Bin! Our journey through the Fandom. A means of escape! ~*~The Legend of Zelectra, Kazoo of Time~*~

Welcome to High Voltage Studios!

Okay, let's see, where to start...?
The beginning is always good.
*cheerfully* Right! *confused pause* Um...where is the beginning?
In the beginning, of course, and why don't we let Ro take care of it?
How courteous of you, Electra. *clears her throat and smiles* Hello, my name is Dr. Aurora Boreales. Zippy, Electra and I are in charge of this page and, in case you hadn't noticed, we are all writing in different colors to avoid confusion. I am writing in blue, Zippy in yellow and Electra in grey.
Um, Ro? Think maybe you should mention what the page is about?
I'm getting to that, Electra. I just wanted to be sure there was no confusion as to who was talking when.
Sorry. Continue.
Thank you. As I was saying, this page centers mostly around Megavolt (from the Darkwing Duck cartoon). Though the other characters are perfectly welcome here too.
*prompts playfully* And why is it mostly about Megavolt?
*chuckles* Because Zippy and Electra are obsessed with him.
And proud of it!
Anyway, this page is their contribution to the fandom and, in a sense, their tribute to Megavolt.
Aw, don't be so modest, Doc. You've done tons of work on this page!
*smiles* Thank you, Zippy.
If you want any more information about us, our stats are up on the Profiles page.
Now go look at the rest of the page! *giggles and makes shooing motions*

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~*~The Legend of Zelectra, Kazoo of Time~*~


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