Earl was born in Bizbee, Arizona on October 20, 1943 which makes him a Libra.
He has always been athletic and his hobbies include photography, backpacking, and hiking.
In high school Earl became involved with drama. He attended Pheonix Jr. College and,
The University of Arizona at Tucson.
Earl now lives in Stanford, Connecticut and is married to an Episcopalian minister9formerly Mollie McGreevy).

Off-Broadway productions:
The Basic Training of Pavio Hummel
The Dark-at the Top of the Stairs
Dark of the Moon
Broadway productions:
The Lincoln Mask
The Love Suicide of Schofiled Barracks
Earl toured the US in a traveling production of The Great White Hope
His most recent stage appearance was as in Treasure Island(he played Long John Silver)
Tv shows and Movies:
Stay The Night- Mike Kettmann Sr.
Ballad of the Sad Cafe- Henry Macy
Fires Within- Sergeant
Rising Son- Victor
Talk Radio
Three Men and A Baby- Satch
Silverado- JT
Murder in Coweta County- JH Potts
Taps- Lieutenant Hanson
Brinks Job- FBI agent
greaded Lightning- Beau Welles
The Parallax View- Deputy Red
Shoot It: Black, Shoot It: Blue- Garrity
The Taking of Ptham One Two Three- Brown
Who Killed Mary What's 'Er Name- Whitey
Three Into Two Won't Go
A Memory of Two Mondays
War and Remembrance
Police Plaza
The Red Spider
Spencer: For Hire
The Equalizer
Ryan's Hope
Earl has also done a commercial for Buffalo Chicken Strips,
at Kentucky Fried Chicken

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Los Angeles, CA 90067
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