Want to Win an Award?

It's very easy. Thus far, I've created three:

To win the Stake Award, it's fairly easy. Just apply for it. Send me your URL using the form on the Feedback page or just e-mail it to me (trekchic@usa.net). I'll take a look at your site and if it meets the criteria (oooh the pressure..LOL) then bingo, you get the award. Don't feel like a dork submitting your URL and nominating yourself, if you don't, how else will I know where your site is? Not to mention the fact that if your page is really great, why wouldn't you want to publicize? Go on..nominate yourself, you know you want to!!!

The same procedure follows for the Key Award which is given out specifically to fanfiction archives. They don't need to be Willow oriented or even BtVS oriented, but they *do* have to be well structured, easy to navigate and a fun read. (Think *quality* NOT quantity!!)

As for the Willow Award, unfortunately, you CAN'T apply to win it. Those will only be given out to truly exceptional sites which are either Willow-centric or just extraordinary in their own right.

 Any questions? Feel free to get in touch with me!

Interested in seeing who's won in the past??

Quick Note: Just so you know what I look for in general....Beyond original content, information, and just all-around creativity, I also look at little technical things. Do the links work? Do the pictures show up? Some huge turn-offs for a site can be if the mainpage takes *forever* to load. People have short attention spans and sometimes I see these really gorgeous mainpages which are elegant and interesting and well-thought out....but they take 10 minutes to load. Honestly, past 1 minute, people will just hit "stop" and try to manuever through a half-loaded page or else they'll just leave.

Another thing which is almost killer is java. I know it's a bad bias of mine, but again, for most of us, seeing the phrase "loading java" strikes fear in our hearts because suddenly, the browser freezes up and refuses to let go until the applet is done loading. And that can be another looooong wait. It's especially insane if it's on the mainpage. Applet lakes can be spiffy looking but by the time they're done loading, all the coolness is pretty much....gone.

I mean, I don't discriminate against all sites with java, since it *can* be a very useful tool (for games and all), just against those which abuse it or use it without prior warning. Wow. This was a long little tangent. I apologize. I'll stop now! :) (was done anyway...)