Hey, and welcome to the (future) homepage of IRC's greatest (or at least craziest) Beast Wars channel, #beastieschat! What's #bc about, you ask? Well, a bunch of crazy people who have had too much sugar for one day sit around and talk about Beast Wars. Then they get bored. Then they role play! So basically #bc is a Chat/Role Play channel where everyone can have fun!

Since the page isn't even close to done yet, you can come visit us! Download an IRC program if you don't already have one, and hook up on SorceryNet! Need an IRC prog? Try mIRC. Once you're on IRC, just come on in to #beastieschat!

Be sure to check out the News Page!

So here are some things that will sooner or later pop up on this site:

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And as always...SNART!

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