Welcome to my personal tribute to one of the best and often neglected action adventure series of the 1960s - Man in a Suitcase

Filmed at Pinewood Studios and on location during 1966/67, it starred American actor Richard Bradford as McGill. An ex-CIA agent who had been wrongly accused of treason and forced to resign.

The series of 30 x 60 minute episodes followed McGill as he moved from job to job earning a living as a private investigator using the skills he learnt from his time in the CIA. For these services he charged a fee of anywhere between $300 - $500 a week plus expenses depending on who had hired him.

He drove a Hillman Imp and lived in rented rooms with his only possessions being a battered brown suitcase full of clothes and a gun.

Although living in London, his adventures took him to places such as Manchester, Scotland, Paris, Rome, the Greek Islands and even Africa.

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