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Sunset Beach aired from January 6, 1997 till December 31, 1999. It was cancelled due to low ratings. How PASSIONS is still on the air is anyone's guess...

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where are they now?

Tim Adams (Casey) bio | photos
Played Rob Layne on Guiding Light from May to June 2000. Now you can catch him on OLTL. Anyone who knows if he's still with Sherri Saum email me!

Shawn Batten (Sara) bio | photos
Plays Natalia in an upcoming MTV series called Spyder Games. Write to her c/o "Spyder Games"; 5842 Sunset Boulevard; Bldg. 11, Suite #101; Hollywood, CA 90028

Sarah Buxton (Annie) bio | photos
Appearing On Days of Our Lives beginning April 21st in a short term role as Crystal Chablis an old friend of Nicole's. Buxton played fashion designer Morgan DeWitt on The Bold & the Beautiful from February 2000 - May 2001. Has also apperared on NYPD Blue and CSI.

Christina Chambers (Maria) bio | photos
Like Batten, Chambers had a role on Spyder Games, the new MTV series set to premiere in 2001. Write to her c/o "Spyder Games"; 5842 Sunset Boulevard; Bldg. 11, Suite #101; Hollywood, CA 90028. She also guest-starred in a episode of CSI.

Hank Cheyne (Ricardo) bio | photos
no news yet.

Eddie Cibrian (Cole) bio | photos
Cibrian played Jimmy on the NBC series Third Watch until 2004. Cibrian also appeared in an NBC miniseries called In the Beginning (various Biblical stories), and played Heather Graham's fiance in the movie Say It Isn't So.

Lesley Down (Olivia) bio | photos
Down now appears on The Bold and the Beautiful on CBS Daytime.

Priscilla Garita (Gabi) bio | photos
Appeared in the 2000 season finale of Diagnosis Murder.

Jason George (Michael) bio | photos
Had a role on Titans. He also appeared in a recent Roswell episode as an FBI agent. Had a guest spot on Friends. Now on the UPN comedy (if you wanna call it that) GIRLFRIENDS.

Dax Griffin (Tim) bio | photos
His Fox series, Opposite Sex, was cancelled after airing briefly in the summer of 2000.

Joyce Guy (Mrs. Moreau)
She played a nurse on the Jan. 9, 1999, episode of the Lifetime series Any Day Now. This role could possibly become recurring. Incidentally, Any Day Now, like Sunset Beach, is produced by Aaron Spelling.

Kam Heskin (Caitlin) bio | photos
Heskin and former co-star Randy Spelling (Sean) play lovers in a new movie, Held For Ransom.

Sean Kanan (Jude) bio | photos
Plays Deacon on The Bold & The Beautiful.

Nick Kiriazis (Antonio) bio | photos
Reportedly was to appear in at least one episode of Titans, but that won't happen because of the show's cancellation.

Clive Robertson (Ben) bio | photos
Nothing is set yet.
You can write to him at:

Clive Robertson;
P.O. Box 245;
12400 Ventura Blvd.;
Studio City, CA 91604

Sherri Saum (Vanessa) bio | photos
She played the role of Casey on the Showtime series Beggars and Choosers, which was recently cancelled. Had a contract role on 'One Life to Live' until late 2003.

Randy Spelling (Sean) bios | photos
Spelling and former co-star Kam Hesking (Caitlin) play lovers in a new movie, Held For Ransom. Spelling also appeared on the March 8, 2000 Beverly Hills, 90210, and the series finale.

Susan Ward (Meg) bio | photos
Her movie The In Crowd was released on July 21, 2000, also appeared in the 2001 hit 'Shallow Hal'. To appear in WILD THINGS 2, WOULD I LIE TO YOU, GOING GREEK, Also has appeared on FRIENDS and the short-lived WB comedy Men, Women and Dogs. Boomtown, CSI: Miami

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