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Red Planet to be released Juine 16 2000 USA

Hi, and welcome to my Val Kilmer page!! OK, I admit it---my sister was smitten before I really noticed Val's looks!!! This lovable cutie has a new movie coming out Feb 5, 1999. (I hate it when they postpone release dates like that!!!) It's titled "At First Sight", about a blind man (Val) and the woman (Mira Sorvino) that hangs out with him and falls in love with him as he gains his vision. Frankly, I've literally been asking for it: Val in a romantic comedy. I found the Official Site. I'd've settled for a comedy, but I'm cool with romance!!) and I'm sure that anyone who saw "Real Genius" or "Top Secret" would agree when I say Val can be a pretty funny guy!! Val will also star as the role of moses, in "The Prince of Egypt". Want a synposis? Check out (in the Holy Bible) Exedous the first few chapters. Among his animated co stars, are Sandra Bullock, Steve Martin, and Michelle Pheiffer. (I love cartoon movies!!!) it is scheduled to be released December 18, 1998. I've found an official Site for this one as well. Ethan Hawke and John Leguizamo costar with Val in 1999's "Pleasant View Avenue", and will film in Staten Island and New York City, both located in New York State. This page will have links, pix, and a couple other things. but while I'm setting up, go a head and email me with your questions and comments. The pix are from Sorsha's Val site. They have been posted without her knowledge or permission. See my Jerry O'Connell page for downloading instructions. Click here to access the Val Kilmer mailing list.

POE Trailer

Val has been busy this year! New movie info coming soon.

Click here to read the email warner bros sent me about red planet.




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