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Hi and Welcome to my Jay Mohr Page! A funny thing happened when I accessed my index: I noticed i had no Email addy on it. so here ya go: dsd915@ureach.com. Jay is a terrific actor, whom you have probably recognized in such films as jerry magcire, starring Tom Cruise. or, if you're a rabid fan of Jerry O'Connell, camp wilder. i know. i was shocked when i saw the imdb! he's also starred in picture perfect, as nick, the imaginary fiance of jennifer aniston. the problem is, he's crazy about her, but she's crazy about a man who's only capable of maintainging dishonest relationships with women who are already taken. (gee what a prize.) he finally gets the message and leaves, heartbroken. i won't spoil the movie for those of you who haven't seen it. but you should watch it. it's worth seeing.

FX will air all 13 episodes of Action! in order on Tuesdays 10:30-11pm EST/PST starting June 20, 2000 It is supposed to air the 13 eps, (143 was a typo. pelase forgive me.) including the five "lost" ones! Jay does has a recurring character as Jeff Foxworthy's brother, wayne in the Jeff Foxworthy show. The show is basically a platform for Jeff to tell his redneck jokes. they're still good, but dont' look for anything deeper. If you're lookingfor the meaning of life, check another channel, but if you like Jeff's jokes (or you must know if you're a redneck) go ahead and watch it. A great way to kill a half hour. It's on USA Network at 12 pm EST sundays.

Budget Cuts according to Peter Dragon: "If it's yellow let it mellow if it's brown flush it down."

JAy has a new comedy tour and a new shopw! The new show is NFL This Morning and the new comedy tour is Jay Mohr Filthy Clean tour Which means it will be something you'll want to see. Too bad it doesn't come to my area, that I know of. Jay DOES I repeat DOES endorse the JayMohrLive site.

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