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Ciao Tutti! I am Tania (born on 11th of May) Waouh! It's been 10 years since I created this page (in January 1999)and I am so proud and so thankful to you my dearest visitors whom are constantly showering me with your compliments and encouraging me to keep it up shining always! Grazie mille, I love you all!

I am from Lebanon where I was born & live currently.

I love life and live it to the maximum. I like sports,transcendental meditation, yoga, kriyas,spirituality,walking in nature,traveling, going out, dancing, music, new discoveries/technologies, reading a lot,self improvement, Pc games, having friends, All sort of Arts... I adopt macrobiotic,phytotherapy,Homeopathy & ayurveda in my life and I have become very acquainted with all natural herbs that promote good health and well being. I am also fond of most alternative medicine, aromatherapy, affirmations & the positive use of the power of our subconscious mind to eliminate the negative from ourselves & create the life we want. Life is Only a REFLECTION of our thoughts,so we ought to stay positive, feed our mind positive thoughts through affirmations to reap positive outcomes. I wish that every person takes the time to look at his life and makes the effort to achieve all his targets, to seek what he really likes in this life and to fight for it no matter what. Life is a gift that we only get the chance to obtain it once, so we'd better know its value & make the most of it. Good luck to all of you!

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Tania's Blog abt Spirituality,Enlightenment,meditation.Here i share with Love all knowledge that helps me on my Spiritual path..

You can drop me a note in my guestbook or send me an email at Tania

moon phases

Maharishi Ayurveda - Science of total health

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My interests are:


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Care2, the global Network for People & organizations who Care to make a difference Re the Environment,Women, Health,Human welfare,Animals & more..

For Great People who Care2 make a difference!

Free lessons in Transcendental meditation,Pranayama,Kundalini,Tantra..

Free lessons in meditation, Sidhis,Pranayama,Kundalini,Tantra...By Yogani


Tania's Blog abt Spirituality, Enlightenment..

Wisdom within: Your personal program of total well being (Ayurveda,doshas,detox,nutrition,meditation...)

Deepak Chopra - Wisdom within

Angel Hugs Postcards Guardian Angel! Click Here For Yours!
Angel Hugs Postcards

My favourite Links:
Cybermacro. Your source for Macrobiotic News, Recipes, Articles and natural food. The greatest Macrobiotic site and Forum where all your health questions are answered.

Holistic medicine webpage. A must!

Beware of Aspartame Toxicity & horrible Symptoms. Please read!!!

Aspartame victims support group

Planet Herbs Phytotherapy. Kava Kava: a very powerful herb against STRESS, natural alternative to tranquilizers such as Prozac,Vallium

The guide to aromatherapy.

Homeopathie, Phytotherapie et medecines douces.

Abu Alabed Jokes .The hilaruous Arabian jokes.

DAniel Dowd's weekly horoscopes..

Jokeaday. Free daily jokes,Free ecards,puzzles & more..

Pc Gameworld cheats..Loads of cheats for Pc games!Check it out!

Tons of Free stuff.Updated daily .

Messagemates animated cards.Funny/sarcastic .exe files for all occasions .

Care-Mail - Free E-Cards and E-Mail that help save Wildlife!

check out My Online Games page!! Cool prizes(basket,cars..)

Women.com Network. The Smart Way to Get Things Done Web sites for women's news, careers, style, health, finance, fashion, parenting, leisure, horoscopes, work, personal investing, shopping and more...

Lebanon Links. Everything you need to know about Lebanon from A to Z

What's up Lebanon. List of all events in Lebanon, pubs, nightclubs,touristic areas etc...

Osinga Lebanon, your Travel guide source. You'll find all kind of travel info related to Lebanon

Various Lebanese Newspapers in Arabic,French,English & Armenian .

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