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Richard Redstone

First Appearence "The Gathering" - Season 1

Living on the streets, this poor wretch never imagined that he would one day be immortal. He made his living by stealing from the average people, until one night, he tried to steal from someone not so average. That's how he met Duncan MacLeod. He quickly got swept up in a strange situation between Duncan and Slan Quince. Duncan eventually took Richie into his home. This was not because, as Richie thought, Duncan felt sorry for him. Rather it was because, unbeknownst to Richie, Richie was an immortal.

Tessa Noel, Duncan's girlfriend, became almost a foster mother to Richie. He had certainly had a lot of those, but Tessa was different. He really enjoyed her caring attitude and her gracefulness.

Once, Richie thought he found his real father, Jack Ryan, but it turned out that this pitiful man was not Richie's father, and his real name was not Jack Ryan. In fact, Richie discovered that Ryan was not Richie's real last name! Jack Ryan was his foster father.

Immortals Richie has killed

Immortal killed                               Episode

Mako                     Under the Color of Authority
Kristov                                     Testimony
Mikey*                                   The Innocent
Wallace                          The End of Innocence
William Everett Culbrieth               The Messenger

*Immortal was not actually killed by Richie, but Richie received the Quickening

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