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Well, my friends it is a very sad day. Our beloved Another World who has graced the TV screen for 35 years is to be put to rest,on June 25. But though we may all be deeply disheartened by this news we will not and have not stoped our fight,nor do we want you to. We will not go quitely friends,we will not fade like they would like us too. Another World will not sink in to the murky waters of lesser soaps,they deserve to go out, if they must, in a blaze of glory!!!We will do just that on April 24 1999.


We have recevied new information as of May 11 1999 that P&G has annonced that they had never had any intention of selling AW. Which comes as a complete surpirse to we who have been told by P&G that they were as hopeful a we were that AW would be sold and we could all watch a wonderful show continue. Well it seems once again we have been backstabbed by a company guess we should have known better then to put our faith in a large comapny we have yet be reafermed that the companies not all but most are out for one thing and it's not the people it's one and one thing only.. MONEY!! And companies wonder why people do not stay loyal to the places where they work..It's because they know that eventually te company will toss them out the door if it means they can make more money.. For the people is not in the vocabs of the compaines... As you can tell I am peeved that this whole time we were blaming NBC though the blame does lie with them somwhat P&G is just as much to blame the only diffrence is that we fell for P&G lines and we were backstabbed. Thanks to believeing in something like them.. DO NOT STOP!! writing e-mailing and calling P&G if we can't winat least we can annoy the hell out of them....But who knows maybe we will win we will not give up...

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