The Springfield Listings

This started as a game during a loooong wait at a doctor's office. My mother and sister, "Simpsons" fans like myself, tried to name as many inhabitants of Springfield as they could. This game got taken home and shared with the rest of my family, and promptly spun itself out of control.

This is the list so far. If you think of any I may have missed, or if you can correct the names, write me.
The rule is: They have to been on the show at least TWICE, and not an actual person (i.e. George Bush) or a character from somewhere else (i.e. Jay Sherman).

And now I present "The List".

Homer Simpson -- Marge Simpson -- Bart Simpson -- Lisa Simpson -- Maggie Simpson
Ned Flanders -- Maude Flanders -- Rod Flanders -- Todd Flanders
Luann VanHouten -- Kirk VanHouten -- Milhouse VanHouten
Reverend Lovejoy -- Helen Lovejoy
Superintendent Chalmers -- Leopold (Chalmers' Assistant)-- Principal Seymour Skinner -- Dr. J. Loren Pryor, School Psychologist -- Edna Krabapple -- Elizabeth Hoover -- Mr. Largo -- Groundskeeper Willie -- Lunchlady Doris -- Miss Phipps (former school nurse)-- Otto Mann -- Jimbo Jones -- Kearney -- Dolph -- Nelson Muntz -- Martin Prince -- Sherri & Terri -- Janie -- Louis -- Richard -- Wendell Borton -- Uter -- Database -- Ham -- Allison -- Ralph Wiggum
Sarah Wiggum
Chief Wiggum -- Lou -- Eddie
Snake -- The Babysitter Bandit -- Jimmy the Scumbag
Judge Snyder -- Lionel Hutz -- The Mean Lawyer
Moe Szylak -- Barney Gumble -- Larry -- Sam
Charles Montgomery Burns -- Weylon Smithers -- Lenny -- Carl
Granpa (Abe) Simpson -- Jasper -- Mrs. Glick -- Crazy Old Man -- Hans Moleman -- Head of Springfield Retirement Castle -- The Nurse
Troy McClure -- Kent Brockman -- Scott Christian (Reporter) -- Bumblebee Man -- Krusty the Klown -- Sideshow Bob (Bob Terwilliger) -- Sideshow Mel (Melvin VanThorne) -- Corporal Punishment -- Ranier Wolfcastle -- Roger Myers Jr. -- Captain Lance Murdock -- Pyro
Bill -- Marty -- Artie "Pie in the Sky" Pie
Dr. Hibbert -- Dr. Nick Riviera -- Dr. Marvin Monroe
Mrs. Bouvier -- Patty Bouvier -- Selma Bouvier Terwilliger Hutz McClure Bouvier
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon -- Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon-- Sanjay Nahasapeemapetilon
Mrs. Windfield -- Mr. Windfield
Fat Tony -- Legs -- Louie --Joey
Herman -- Agnes Skinner -- Mrs. Hibbert -- The three Hibbert children -- Bleeding Gums Murphy -- Ruth -- Cletus -- Brandine -- Professor John Frink -- Captain McAllister -- The Owner of the "Android's Dungeon" comic book shop -- Akira -- Sushi Chef -- Disco Stu -- Mayor Quimby -- Mrs. Quimby -- Duff Spokesman -- Laramie Spokesman -- Herb Powell -- Brockman's daughter -- Baby Gerald (the baby with one eyebrow) -- Hooray for Everything -- Lurleen Lumpkin -- Mr. Prince -- the Owner of King Toots Music Store --Miss Pennycandy -- Emily Winthrop -- Princess Kashmir -- The Veterinarian -- Jacques -- Artie Ziff -- The Khlav Kalash Man -- Gil -- The Really Tall Man -- Obnoxious Salesman -- Jack Marley

The animals:
Santa's Little Helper -- Snowball II -- Jub Jub -- Blinky the Three eyed fish -- Mr. Bananas

And the unsure counts:
Kang & Kodos -- Jebadiah Springfield -- Itchy & Scratchy -- Happy Elf -- Capitol City Goofball

Spyderqueen wishes to remember Phil Hartman 1949-1998.

Portrayer of Troy McClure, Lionel Hutz, Lyle Langley, Bigger Brother Tom, Moses, Smooth Jimmy Apollo, and Evan Conover.

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