A Collection of Links to Her Fave Sites

And absolute proof that she has no life.

Are you a nerd? Do you think you're one? Well take The [Infamous] Nerdity Test and find out. Spyderqueen's score--47%

This is one of Spyderqueen's favorite humor sites that she found just by using a random search. Go ahead try it out The Barking Spider.

This is one of the best Space Ghost sites on the net. It has the BEST sounds. Zorak's Prison Pod

Spyderqueen considers this to be the best She-Ra site on the web The She-Ra/He-Man Episode Review Website. Busta Toons and Zadoc Angell review new episodes every week. Wonderful pictures.

Spyderqueen considers this to be the best Pokemon site on the web The Psychic Pokemon Connection. Great forum, good downloads.

Liberty Meadows This is Spyderqueen's favorite comic strip still in publication. Very Weird, which, of course, is why she likes it.

Star Trek -- Hypertext Current Reviews of Star Trek DS9 and Voyager.

The Encyclopedia Mythica An online encyclopedia of varying mythologies.

Spyderqueen sucks up to those who give her free services

Since Spyderqueen gets all these computer services without paying anything, she decided she should be nice to the people who provide them, so they don't change their minds

Noticed that Spyderqueen could put any crap she wanted on her very own site, and want to be able to do the same? Try Geocities.

Want your own e-mail too? Try Hotmail. If you already have a hotmail account go to the bottom of the page.

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Spyderqueen's Shameless Promotion of Her Friends' Web Pages

Spyderqueen has no shame. Besides, they'd do the same for her. Wouldn't they?

ladyjane56 Hers, like Spyderqueen's is still under construction. Eventually, it's going to be on Savage Garden.

Maverick's Domain Another friend of mine. Check out his Comedy Central site.

The Wonderful World of Dancing Beans Don't ask. The queenbean herself runs this for-fun site, and its definatly worth seeing.

The Cartoon Junkies For all of us who still like Cartoons.

Artimis's Enchanted World of Moonlight Also still under construction.

Chrissy's Page This page contains info on some of Chrissy's favorite bands.

The BeatlemintTwins Beatles' stuff (But duh.)

Frayed Ends of Sanity Yeah, Ilker's pretty strange, but this is definatly worth seeing.

Im'so-bored's House of Cyniscm Pretty cool site, she has to maintain it as a school assignment.

The Domain of Mara Jade A page by a Warsie friend of mine.

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