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Please E-mail me at or at my feedback form if you have any gargoyles merchandise that I don't. Thanks a ton.

My room!
Finally, a picture of my old room and all my gargoyles stuff... well, all the stuff in the photo. I just couldn't fit everything into the camera.
Paladin's room
This is a picture of Paladins room, but believe me, other then the beach towel it's mine too hehe
Wingless' Shrine
This is a picture of Wingless' Shrine, his collection is magnificant. It must be assimilated ^_^

Action figures:

Managed to get a Lexington stamp. Kinda kewl.

I have two kites; one open, one not.

I have gargoyles pencils: two different types of Goliath tops and one Broadway

2 Stamp sets: One open, one in box. Acquired it at Toys-R-Us

Flashlights: Brooklyn

Cake toppers: A Goliath candle, a logo candle, candle click ons.

All 4 video cassettes: The Hunted, The Force of Goliath, Deeds of Deception, Brothers Betrayed.

Magnets (Applause): Goliath, Broadway, Brooklyn

All 4 danglers: Goliath, Broadway, Brooklyn, Lexington. Some doubles

A keychain (Applause): Brooklyn, broadway and Lexington

Clip ons (Applause): Lexington, Broadway, Goliath, Brooklyn

Two different board games.

A gargoyles hardback book titled: 'Meet the Characters of Gargoyles'

The movie

The store posters: Three Goliaths (stone shattering), Over the City.

The Sega game with game poster

The Coldstone send away poster

Every trading card

I also have one lunch bag with thermus and one lunch box without a thermus

Straws (Applause): Brooklyn, Broadway, Goliath

All 11 comics

A gargoyles mug: Broadway (christmas present from my girlfriend)

Both coloring books

Two packs of Gargoyles playing cards. One open, one sealed

Some Disney Magazine for kids: with gargs info in them

A Gargoyles binder with peechee.

A new Lexington figure that's 6 inches tall and weights about 3 lbs. Solid plastic, got it from a claw machine in Fred Meyers. (Applause)

Small action figures (Applause): Lexington, Xanatos